A Day with Jax

I was uploading some photos from my phone tonight and found a bunch of stuff from the summer that I haven’t gotten around to posting about. This was a day I had off and I got to hang with my nephew, Jaxson. I wish we could have done more of this over the summer, but I was traveling like crazy and now school’s already back in session. Anywho…

Since he’d already seen the movies I wanted to see (Monster’s U and Despicable Me 2) twice
we opted for the Flight of The Butterflies at the Science Center’s IMAX theatre.
It was really good, AND we got to play at the museum. #doublewhammy

Afterwards we went to this fro-yo place, on the way to the park. (Its competitor across the street always has tons of business so I chose this one to lend a hand to the smaller store… They had 4 flavors and all were weird mixes of flavors… our toppings were the only yummy part of this. They both looked pretty at least.)

 (There’s a reason the other store has more business…)

Getting drenched in the fountain is the best part about cruising through the park
on a day that’s a million degrees out! We both got soaked and it felt

A little chill music for the ride home
aaaaaand mission accomplished: 

A fun day indeed. : ) 
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  1. awww, looks like you had an awesome day 🙂 Being an Aunt is a pretty cool job 🙂

  2. Love it! He still talks about the monarch butterflies from that movie 😉

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