A Fun Thing To Do On A Wedding Reception Dancefloor

Whew! Back in the states now, but still on the way home. I’m sitting in O’Hare and uploading all my photos from the Lulu Summit and found these gems on my camera from Bonna’s wedding last month. I need to do a full post with the other photos, but here’s a little something to hold you over until then:

Bonna and Nate got married!
And while they were making the rounds saying hello to guests, 
we were breaking it down on the dancefloor. 
I went to take a photo of our crew, but the flash didn’t happen. 
So when I was “fixing” it, I apparently turned on the automatic timer…
and set it to take 10 photos once the timer went off. 
The photos we took were hilarious, so then, of course, we had to keep doing it. 

And the final one: 
You’re welcome. 
Happy Friday, guys! 
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