A hard post…

the last time i saw him, we packed up my things
and he smiled like the first time he told me his name
and with cried with each other
we split the blame for the parts that we couldn’t change
pictures, dishes and socks
it’s our whole life down to one box
there he was waving goodbye on the front porch alone
but i was already gone
i won’t go into any details, but my marriage to Conrad is over. he moved back to CA a couple weeks ago and i’m in the process of moving myself and Tango in with a girlfriend… so things are a little hard at the moment. my relationship with him was a wonderful time in my life and i’ll forever be grateful to have spent that time with him. i love him. i will miss him and his family (more than they know). but we will both be ok.
trying to figure out whether to post about this was difficult. it’s nobody’s business but ours, but i figure I may be discussing moving, my future roommate, and life after divorce, so this might clear things up a bit… and perhaps offer guidance to anybody that might be going through the same thing. if any of you feel like you want to chat with somebody, i’m here.
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lyrics: Already Gone, by sugarland
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  1. that’s really tough and though we don’t know each other, i’m truly sorry. you sound like a super courageous person though i know you’ll pull through right away. 🙂

  2. sure there is no coming back? would you really end a love story? omg….I am truly sorry. Writing sometimes is liberating, and I am sure you’ll get all our (bloggers/followers) support.

    I really hope he changes his mind.

    Lots of love

  3. Thank you for letting us in like this, I’m sure it wasn’t easy at all.
    I know it probably sounds silly since we don’t ‘know’ each other aside from our blogs and a few emails, but I just wanted to let you know that if you ever need someone to talk to or vent to, I’m here. Take care and keep your chin up x

  4. I’m so sorry. Divorce is a difficult, sad situation, no matter how amicable.

  5. Girrrrrl! I am so sorry to hear this. I know how amazing, wonderful and f-ing strong you are, so I know you will be just fine. Big love and kisses to you my doll.

  6. Oh Amy, what a difficult time. Thanks so much for sharing your heart and mind. You are loved and a strong person. I’m sorry this is happening this way. I hope the best for you and that good things come. Praying for you….

  7. can you e mail me asap?

  8. i’m the worst at saying the “right thing” in situations like this….but i’m a great listener and your biggest Atlanta supporter. ashleykrieger@gmail.com -> 24/7 🙂

  9. ugh, so sorry girl. you have a good head on your shoulders so that will get you through this crappy time, but in the meantime, thinking of you!

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