A List of Things I Can Control… So I Don’t Lose My Sh**.

Everybody copes with stress differently. My MO is to focus on the things I can control, to get my mind off the things I can’t.

In the past week, my watch broke (ridiculously annoying if you rely on your stopwatch all day long), Tango got really sick, I had to cancel a few classes to stay with him, I had to pay a huge vet bill, and then I found out three big invoices that I should have received payment on a couple weeks ago got mishandled and wouldn’t be paid until next week (<< self-employment problems that always seem to crop up right when all your bills are due). As I’m typing this out, I’m acknowledging that none of these things are the end of the world, but are still big stressors to me right now. All of them put together had the ability to take me out this week. There are some times when I feel like I can handle anything thrown my way, and other times I feel myself going down fast. This past week was representative of the latter. As the weekend arrived, I knew I had to get a grip on myself.

If you know me well, you’ll know I’m all about lists. I start out each week with a list of sh** I have to get done, followed by a list of things I probably should get done. I like crossing things off the list as I get them done. It gives me a tiny sense of accomplishment and I thrive on that. I thought I’d write this post as a reminder to myself of the things that are all within my control; things I can accomplish to help get myself on track when I feel like I’m about to spaz the f**k out.


<< I can control my living space >>

I make my bed every day when I get out of it. After I take Tango out, I cook breakfast, clean the kitchen, and pick up the house. Today I will do laundry, vacuum, sweep the patio, and clean my bathroom. Well, maybe I’ll clean the bathroom… Let’s not get carried away.

<< I can control what gets done today to set me up for a better week >>

I will run errands:  pick up my prescription, buy a new watch, clean my car, back up my computer, and get Tango new dog food.

I will launch this month’s Fit Club program tonight: finish registration and send out everybody’s workouts. There’s room if anybody wants in!

I will make this week’s productivity calendar. (There will be a blog post about how I do my calendar soon!)

<< I can control certain aspects of my body/health >>

I will put real food in my body all day.

I will floss my teeth.

I will get a short workout in (1 round of this week’s Fit Club workout will take me 15 minutes). And truth be told, once I get going, I will probably do two rounds.

I will take my dog on a long walk to get us both outside in the sunshine.

I’m going climbing later with a girlfriend of mine. << Praise hands emoji for recruiting new climbing partners!

My weekend days are typically the opposite of most: I like to lounge around on Saturday and use Sunday to get things done. So that’s what I’ll do today… I will tackle the things that are in my control, check things off my list, and set myself up to have a better week than last. Bitches.


How do you cope with stress? What are your go-to life hacks?

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