A Little Stretchy Stretch…

…on the Jetty Jet. 
Scoring a row all to myself on a plane is rare. 
This happened to me when I flew to San Diego on July 4th. 
Sitting in the same spot for hours is not lovely. 
It’s stiffening. 
The point of this post? 
If you fly on a holiday (4th of July in this instance)
you score lots of room on the plane,  
then you get to stretch whenever/however you want. 
Happy Monday! 
Make this week your bitch. ; )  
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  1. hahaha I kind of wish you were doing this with someone sitting beside you.

    I think I will make this week my bitch. Thanks for the advice : )


  2. i had the whole row to myself on a transatlantic flight once and it was life changing – like way too lucky, pretty sure itll never happen again

  3. Rissy’s comment made me laugh because that would be too funny! 🙂

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