Academy Award Nominees: Best Picture

> on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.
I LOVE the Academy Awards. I love the entire energy around this awards show. It’s glamorous, it’s classic. It is my jam. What’s also my jam is trying to pick the winners before the show starts. Every year I try to watch every movie nominated for Best Picture, but I have yet to do this. Then a few years ago they went and opened up the category to more movies. Like watching 5 wasn’t hard enough? I’ve managed to see 5 out of the 9 that are up for the highest honor this year.  Here’s what I thought about the nominees I saw, including my pick for Best Picture.
American Hustle
I was so pumped about this movie. I went the first night it opened. This was definitely a good movie and totally worth seeing, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it “Best Picture” worthy. It was funny and entertaining, but a little slow. I think the thing that did it for me was the fact that it was 2.5 hours long. It could have easily been an hour and 45 minutes and been awesome.
The nods it should definitely win: Best Costume Design. Best Actress, Amy Adams. She was stellar.
This one I was hesitant to see because I knew it was going to stress me the F out. Plus, I watched it on a plane… which maybe wasn’t the best idea since flying already freaks me out. Add the stress of somebody being trapped in space, with everything going wrong and possible plummeting back to the earth. Not a dry palm in my seat. I was pumped with how well Sandra Bullock performed. I was pumped that this super stressful movie was only an hour and half long. I was incredibly in awe of the cinematography of this beast as well. I can’t imagine how they filmed this thing. Had to have been a b****. This one though I feel the same: Great movie. Not Best Picture worthy though. What should it win? Cinematography. Fo’ sho’.
Lee Daniels’ 
The Butler



I know this movie isn’t up for Best Picture, but I feel like it should have been. This cast was AMAZING. I had no idea my boyfriend, Lenny Kravitz was in the movie. Instant ranking advance right there… ; ) But seriously folks: Forrest Whitaker, Oprah, Cuba Gooding Jr., David Oyelowo, every actor that played a President … I could go on and on about this movie. It’s been one of my favorites.  It’s incredibly well directed and acted, and it’s a true story. Loved it. Highly recommend it. Wish it would have been nominated.
Captain Phillips


This one I actually just watched today. It was an incredible movie based on the true story. Very suspenseful. Perfect music. As always, Tom Hanks was amazing and this movie was definitely one to see. I don’t think it’ll win Best Picture, but you should definitely check it out. Plus, props to the Navy SEALS. #badasses
Dallas Buyers Club
Guys. You HAVE to see this movie. It was amazing. It made me feel so many things while watching. I loved everything about it. I can’t even believe the transformations that both Jared Leto and my boyfriend, Matthew McConaughey went through to make this. Their performances were incredible. This story (true) was incredible. It was funny, it was heartbreaking, it was frustrating, it was redeeming, it was everything a Best Picture nominee should be. I hope you all see it! I really hope Matt and Jared win tonight. They deserve it.
I had no idea that this movie was based on a true story as well… as it seems nearly movie nominated is. This movie is also a must-see. Although the movie trailer makes it seem a light comedy, it’s a very heavy one. The good thing is it’s balanced by a lot of light humor throughout. Will it win Best Picture? I don’t think so. However, Judy Dench can do no wrong and I suspect she may win something tonight.
My pick: 12 Years A Slave
I have a feeling 12 Years A Slave will take the top honor tonight as I’ve heard so many good things about the movie and the performances. (I have a very low tolerance for brutal scenes and I’ve heard this movie is incredibly hard to watch, even from people that seem to have a high tolerance for that kind of stuff. I will probably not watch it until I can see it on my own and be able to mute/fast forward through the hard scenes.)
Who do you think will take home Best Picture?
Do you have picks for the other nominees?
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