An Easter for the photo albums… Warning: Foul Language/Guestures

Backstory: Easter Sunday at my Brother’s in-law’s house. (Brother’s wife’s parents’ house, keep up here, it’s gonna be one of those) It’s time to leave and since we’re parked in by a bunch of cars, we need to drive around the perimeter of the yard to get over to the driveway and then to the road. It’s been raining, non-stop, every day for the past week or so here so the ground’s really wet. My sister-in-law’s brother left right before me and was told to drive a certain path. When I left, I was told to drive his tracks exactly so I wouldn’t get stuck. No problem, right? As I’m driving, carefully as to not mess up the grass, I get to listen to the hubs and his helpful hints: “don’t go too slow! don’t go too fast!” Aaaaand I’m stuck.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the entire family is watching. Great. Dad, brother, brother’s father-in-law, husband all come to help… and bail me out with the four-wheeler.
…and take photos. Of course.
I apologize for my inappropriate hand guesture.
Oh. There’s even a video. Thanks for that.
Warning: 1 F bomb.
You can skip the first 20 seconds if you want to get to the good stuff.
Happy Easter.
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  1. oh no .. sorry you got stuck, but I hope you had a good Easter regardless.

  2. haha oh no! nothing will spice up easter like getting stuck in the mud 😉


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