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Appreciate the little things…

“So when I took my jeans out of the dryer this week, I was able to put them on without having to hop around the entire bedroom. ” SCORE.
Remember that if you’ve started a new training/weight-loss program, keep in mind the little things, not just the number on the scale. For instance:
  • How your clothes might fit differently…
  • How you might have a bit more energy than you used to have…
  • How your skin might be clearer from eating more natural foods (if you’ve changed your eating habits)…
  • How you’re able to sleep a little better at night…
  • How you feel good about yourself because you’re doing something for YOU.
The quote above is what one of my clients told me this week! Victory. We’ve been training together for about 3 weeks now (this is the 4th), 3 days a week. She’s following food guidelines, she’s doing cardio on her own 3 days a week when we don’t meet, she’s listening to what I tell her, and she’s seeing RESULTS.
Try not to obsess over the scale. Weighing yourself every day isn’t going to make you feel any better about things. You might lose a pound one day and have it right back the next. (heck, you could lose a pound during a bowel movement… gross, I know. but it’s possible) And if you’re not 500lbs to begin with, you won’t be dropping a ton of weight at the beginning (like they do on The Biggest Loser) so don’t get freaked out if you only lose a pound a week, or every other week. That’s good! That’s progress. And you’re not gaining, so appreciate it!
The client I mentioned at the top hasn’t looked at a scale since we’ve started training. We’re going to do a 5 week assessment and see where we are then. So if you’re in the same boat, be patient. And appreciate the little positives that are happening to you because of the hard work you’re doing!
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