B Party! And a little TMI…

If you’re a male family member of mine, go ahead and exit this page. 
Trust me. 
So I’ve got a Bachelorette Party this weekend 
in another city… 
can’t say which one yet
 as the Bride-To-Be is still unaware. 
But it’s a guaranteed good time. 
Can’t wait for a girl’s weekend!

I hope there are embarrassing games/moments for her, as there should be for any Bachelorette, but I hope there’s not a lot of penis paraphernalia… that’s not exactly my jam.

Which way do you go on B Party gifts? 
Massage Oil?
Gift card to Victoria’s Secret?

I’m that friend that gives all the embarrassing/you-know-you-secretly-want-them SEX TOYS. Because I know that my friends secretly want awesome sex toys/games/massage lotions, but they’d never be caught dead shopping for them, or saying that they want them. (I’m sure the grooms of my friends appreciate it though.) ; ) And I’m such a good friend* that I’ll take one for the team, go to the local novelty store, risk running into someone I know, and buy a ton of fun stuff. So that’s what I did Wednesday night. Luckily I made it out without seeing anybody I knew. Whew! All of that… so my friend can have an awesome honeymoon (if they can wait that long to use the goods). Yep, I’m a good friend.

*Brushin’ my shoulders off*

What’s your best B Party night?

*and maybe it doesn’t hurt me to go since I’m as single as they come these days… TMI? Maybe. Maybe not. You single ladies get me. ; )

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  1. YOU sound like one of the greatest friends ever!!! From one of the ‘shy’ girls of the world, I KNOW your friend is gonna be super excited and thankful for your gifts!

    have a blast this weekend, I love bachey parties, girls are so much fun!


  2. Do you want to hear something ridiculous… I have only been to one batchelorette party! Basically because since all of my closest friends are in the States, I only have money to fly over for the wedding, and not for the B-Party too. It’s so sad. And what’s even sadder is that I didn’t get one! Is it too late to have one? (no, I don’t think so)
    Hope you had a naughty blast! 🙂

  3. The good thing is that if you DO run into someone at a novelty store, they’d be just as awkward about it as well. Such a good friend you are risking it though – somebody’s gotta bring the fun gifts!

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