Baking Party 2010!

The girls on my mother’s side of the family get together every year for a big Christmas Baking party… I’ve missed the last few. All photos taken by my cousin, Malissa. If I knew how to re-size them so you could actually see the whole thing, I would. Remember: Having a Christmas cookie is OK. Having 20 Christmas cookies is not. All in moderation, peeps!

My awesome Fannie Farmer cookbook, from the the antique store.
Best mixing bowls ever.
My aunt Mary, mom, and me. We haven’t even started baking and already we’re cracking up. Check the aprons!
Allison’s the youngest so we make her do the dishes…
Malissa and the dough that turned out to be trouble!
Haystacks and gingerbread peeps.
My mother and her ‘work’
I think this cookie was supposed to be a candle, but I made it an elf!
Dance party assembly line.
Don’t stop, get it, get it!
We made a surfboard for Conrad, and a little beach bunny gingerbread girl!
See the thong?! Too funny!
Can can line…
The whole gang! My sister-in-law, Amanda is getting cut off at the edge… Sorry, Amanda!
Oh yeah. Those were some awesome cookies… well, maybe. We had fun though!
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  1. Oh what gorgeous photos! That sounds like my dream! I love this!
    xx tash

  2. looks like a lot of fun…and such a sweet idea to get all the ladies in your family together for baking.

  3. wow, I am sure you had a amazing time!
    talking about biscuit, I wish you could be my personal trainer and my motivator!!!
    I cannot do it all by myself!!!


  4. so fun. dancing, cookies, baking, girlfriends. pretty perfect.

  5. Aww that looks so sweet and like a lot of fun.

    I’m having a giveaway at:

  6. The gingerbread bikini thong is killing me! So funny!

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