Ballet: Getting back on the horse…

Or I guess I should say, back to the barre. 
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I am a fitness instructor, but first and foremost: I am a dancer. 
I started dancing when I was 8 years old because my mom wouldn’t let me play softball. I ended up falling in love with ballet and eventually other forms of dance as well. I went on to dance at a performing arts high school, (yes, just like FAME) and then onto a college conservatory. After so many years of too much movement and not enough rest, my body turned against me and my heart fell out of love with dance, especially ballet… well maybe not out of love completely, but the spark was definitely gone…
… and that’s where fitness began for me. 
Although I’ve been able to enjoy a career of movement and helping others, I still really miss getting to dance every day. And not performing in the last 6 years has been weighing on me a lot lately. I’ve had my mind on ballet a ton the last few months and it was awesome that the Louisville Ballet School had an online deal for 11 classes. I scooped it up immediately, but was really scared to get back to class. I’ve taken only jazz classes for the past few years because it’s safe, fun, less daunting, and I was just too intimidated to get back to ballet. It’s still dance, but there’s just something different about ballet class. 
The discipline. 
The focus. 
The heart. 
It all needs to be there to have a successful class 
and I just didn’t know if I had it in me anymore. 
But I finally got my ass to class last week (TWICE) and had the most amazing time. Aside from the 3 horrendous foot cramps I experienced… I wasn’t as bad and out of shape as I thought I’d be, (thank you, fitness career) And even though my feet and calves weren’t as strong as they used to be, my technique was still there and it all came back to me quickly… like riding a bike. Being at the barre, jumping and turning in the centre, and floating across the floor: Yes, my legs were shaking. Yes it was harder than it once was. But I was home
It was the most amazing feeling I’d had in a while. I don’t know why I waited so long to get back to ballet, but it definitely reignited the spark and I can’t wait to start taking class regularly again. One of my goals for 2012 was to perform again and to do so requires me to get back into the routine of taking class. I told myself to dance at least once a week this year, more if my schedule allows, and I’ve done pretty well so far. I just need to keep at it. I hope to perform with my roommate’s dance collective at the start of summer and this is just what I need to get my ass back in the game… or my feet back in the shoes. 
Is there anything you guys use to do that you’ve longed for lately? 
Happy Wednesday! 
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  1. Way to see an opportunity and seize it! Isn’t getting restarted always the hardest part? I think I’m actually preaching to myself right now about running…

  2. I want to see you dance. you have the essential dancer’s body and I just know you looked perfect floating across the floor! enjoy getting back to your roots!

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