Because we needed another one of these…

Last week for me consisted of a 
road trip out west,
followed by a TRX event even further west
in San Fran, at our headquarters. 
We always have these intense training weekends
when we’re launching a new course. 
Lots of studying, presenting, 
and TONS of workouts.  
I can barely move today. 
BUT we have a fair bit a fun.*
 *Extreme understatement. 
This is what happens 
when some of the best of the fitness industry
leaders have some down time: 
Because we all need to hear this song more…
at least Shana and I did… 
; ) 
Happy Monday, guys! 
Make it a good week. 
*And be on the lookout for our new program, TRX Group Rip Training, starting in July! 
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  1. hahaha love it!

  2. Where are you located? I am training to teach trx and instruct group fit in Louisville and Oldham county. Would like to connect with some of your classes.

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