Bedroom Decor (and trying to act all Martha Stewart and ish…)

So I don’t think I ever got that “girl gene” that makes me decorate. I’m not crafty either. I completely appreciate house decor, but never think about my own. I’m not somebody who can look at a room and envision it a different way. I don’t look at burlap and scissors and think, “I can make a wreath out of that.” But then I look at my friends’ homes and blogger buds’ photos and think, “Shit, I can do that… I just need to do it.” Enter Ikea, Target, and Pinterest… actually Pinterest was absolutely wonderful, but after about 5 minutes I was getting completely overwhelmed. We’ll save that for the next level of decorating.  I knew I’d have to start small, just like I tell all my personal training clients when we begin, so I just picked some colors I’d wanted to work with and went from there. I think we all know how much I love charcoal gray and yellow, so I went with that. And talked my BFF into going with me to Ikea…

 I found this charcoal gray duvet cover and the two square white (with black) pillows. 
I also scored a yellow candle for my bedside table 
(the metal bird I found at a festival a year ago 
and the table itself is actually a trunk that has shelves inside, found at a local antique store)

These mini vases were $2, 
and the yellow rocks to throw inside them were $1.50. 
Up top, fellow bargain shoppers! 

I already has these wooden ball things as vase filler 
so I chucked those inside the larger newly-filled-with-yellow-rocks vase and BOOM: 
sweet ish for the top of my dresser… along with my cutie nephew, Jaxson’s photo. 
Tango’s kennel has never been particularly stylish 
so I covered it with a yellow throw blanket from Target 
and topped that with this fake plant (that I can’t forget to water) and these pretty candles. 
he wasn’t super excited about me waking him up for the photo shoot…

I tossed one more pillow onto the bed just to secure my newly earned Chick Card:
 1 bed + 87 pillows = girl’s bed
Not a total Bette, but a vast improvement.

After thoughts of this post: 

*Doing a bedroom post requires thorough cleaning of the bedroom… a plus. 
*I had no idea it’d be so frustrating trying to get a decent photo of my bed. F’ing pillows…
*At least this was a good excuse to vacuum and dust. 
*This ish took far too long. 
*This is why I’m in the fitness industry and not in the interior decorating industry.
*How does Emily do this ish every week?!
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  1. Love it!! It looks adorable!! I love gray and yellow together!

  2. <3 I have those black and white Ikeas pillows too!

  3. for cereal, that whole interior decorating thing is hard, but so pretty. ugh.

  4. I’m lacking that crafty girl gene as well, but I so wish that I had it!
    I think you did a great job, the colors are really nice together 🙂

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