Being a good (and bad) Aunt…

I had a huge free chunk of time last Wednesday so I picked up my nephew, Jaxson
and we had a fun day. 
+ 1 point for hanging with my nephew during my time off
Went downtown to the Science Center to watch 
+ 1 point for taking him to an educational film
– 1 point for buying him candy instead of taking a healthy snack
(btw, we only ate about a third of our snacks before i put them away)

Went to Waterfront Park to play at the SUPER AWESOME playground. 
 + 1 point for playing outside and expending energy/developing movement skills
– 1 point for taking him to get ice cream(more sugar) right before I gave him back to my sis-in-law
Sorry, Amanda! ; ) 
So at the end of the day, we had a good time, and I ended up with 1 Cool Aunt Point. 
I’ll take it. 
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  1. PishPosh spoiling is an AUNT’S job!


  2. Nieces and nephews are meant to be spoiled with sugary treats! Number one rule of being an awesome Auntie.

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