Being Hurt… And the Glad Game

I’m a big proponent of the Glad Game (full story here) and finding something to be glad about most of the time. It helps keep my mind in the right space and keeps me from being a B when things don’t go my way… There’s nothing worse than Debbie Downers so I try to steer clear of that attitude as much as possible. Unfortunately this was NOT the case the other day when I sprained my ankle and was pissed. I apologize if any of you read my expletive-filled tweet/instagram about it. Can’t be glad all the time…

But then I straightened up and got my ish together. There’s no sense in being pissy for the next few weeks while this mutha heals. Soooo on to find some ish to be glad about. Here’s what I’ve come up with: 
Being glad my cueing skills are pretty good. 
I was able to host my TRX bootcamp class from a chair, successfully. 

Since I couldn’t walk to take out the dogs, my friend/bootcamper Shannon
and her kiddos came over to take them out for me! SO sweet.
And glad I ended up getting to meet my biggest fan, Amelia! 
She thinks I’m famous because of my Kelly Combo TRX video on youtube. I’m ok with it. 
Glad there’s a good reason to lay on the couch, drink wine, and watch movies.
My ankle hurts to point/flex so there’s’ no driving for this chick… 
And the BEST reason of all to be glad?! 
Getting to drive the electric cart around the grocery store!! 
It was the most fun I’d ever had shopping for food. I swear 
probably 8 people asked me if I needed help. I think they were just jealous
that they weren’t driving the cart, but they were all really nice to me. 
Those electric carts are slow, but they have surprisingly good maneuvering capabilities.
AND they beep when you go in reverse… which I did a few times… just because I could. 
I’m thinking of just wrapping my ankle up in the future just so I have an excuse to ride one again. 
; ) 
And definitely glad it’s Friday!! 
What are you glad about today?
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  1. Girl I feeeeeeel for you, sprains are so awful. That happened to me last year at it really felt like the WORST thing ever.

    GREAT attitude, the glad game is a good thing.

    That cart ride sounds awesome, rock it out!

  2. I’ve always wanted to drive one of those carts!
    Enjoy it while you can because I’m sure you’ll be back on your feet in no time 🙂

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