Ben Sollee

I have about a million things to do, so a quick post from me. I saw my friend, Ben Sollee, play downtown last night and I’m always blown away when I see him. He’s a classically trained cellist with a very unique twist and style of his own. Kind of a big deal. His stuff is equal parts mellow and crazy fun. Buy his music on iTunes. Or Amazon. Either way, do it. It’s insane! This is a video of him from when he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. See? I told you he was a big deal.
Now watch this one. It might be my favorite of his. It mentions California and Kentucky. Sigh.
Check out his website to see if he’ll be near you in the future.
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  1. Hey! This is great!
    I absolutely love his style- would love it if he went as “far” as Canada:)
    Thanks for sharing it with us:)

    Have a wonderful new day!!!

  2. welp, you were right. i’m really liking that guys music. you’re lucky to know someone so incredibly talented!

  3. he’s really talented, for sure. i have no musical talent whatsoever so i’m evermore impressed by those who do.

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