BFF Trip 2012 is now commencing!

This photo is from 2006, at a Kentucky Derby celebrity party.
 It has nothing to do with our BFF trip this weekend, 
BUT we look great,
AND feel just as excited today 
as we did on this night all those years ago… 
Note the cheesy smiles.
And me as a blonde. 

We’re headed out today for 5 glorious days of BFF time: Girl talk, no fellas, lounging by the pool (hopefully the weather’s warm enough for a tan), drinking wine, sightseeing, shopping, etc with NO interruptions. Yessssss.

We finally decided on Charleston, SC, 
because you guys voted on it. 
And because it’s really close to Savannah, GA 
so we figured we could kill two birds with one stone. 
And I love being efficient. 
Austin, TX, you’re up for next year’s trip. Sorry. 
Back on Tuesday, 
I’ll post photos! 
Have a great weekend everybody! 
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  1. That’s so exciting! Hope you have a fabulous time!


  2. Have a blast! And Austin next year is an absolute MUST.

  3. i’ve never seen you as a blondie! so cute! have SO MUCH FUN muffin!!

  4. Love the blonde bob!
    And I’m with Alex… next year you have to go to Austin so that’s two votes already! 🙂

  5. have so much fun! btw you look great as a blonde and a redhead.. how is that possible?? xo

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