So I mentioned my BFF, Amanda came into town last weekend. We grew up together and have lived apart forever! When I moved to San Diego, she moved to Bloomington. Four years later, I came back home and she moved to Virginia Beach. I love her, but I miss her. It’s so fun every time we’re home at the same time. Feels like old times. Miss you, BFF. Can’t wait to see you again!

Photo taken on my wedding day. I needed a tan. I know.
Thanks, Shelby for this wonderful memory of me and Amanda!
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  1. Oh this is Great! I so wish I had a BFF….hold on to that for sure…no matter where you wander!

    Love the PHOTOS!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, were you ever a beautiful bride!!

  3. shoot i wish i had taken fun pictures like this with my best friend at our wedding. ours were just the usual smile. boring.

  4. Dawn- no BFF?! ok, i’ll be your blog BFF. that’s settled.
    Grey – thanks pal!
    Ahn – we didn’t plan it! she just kept shooting while we were trying to act serious. she surprised us with it!
    Thanks for reading, ladies!

  5. love those pictures- both your dresses=lovely.

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