Big Events in the Bluegrass…

I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but it’s a pretty wild time in the Bluegrass this time of year… 

First, yesterday was my mother’s birthday. 
To the best woman I know, Happy Birthday! 

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Second, Derby is in the air! 

The big race will take place in 5 weeks and the opening ceremonies will kick off in 3 weeks! I participated in one of the many fashion events that happen this month – Calospa’s Winning Derby Looks event, benefitting Churchill Down’s Backside Learning Center.  Get ready for hat season, ladies…

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and lastly, The UK/UL Game!

The two biggest (and best) college basketball teams in the state, who happen to also be HUGE rivals, University of Louisville and University of Kentucky, are playing tomorrow in the NCAA Final Four. It’s kind of a big deal here.

Approximately half of my known friends/family are heading to NOLA for the games and I’m a little jealous. But only a little, because UK and UL fans are known to rumble a little bit when they’re playing each other. Especially when there’s alcohol involved. Did you guys hear about the two guys that got into a fight while they were each receiving dialysis? Wow. So I’ll be watching safely, from Buffalo, NY.

Happy Friday! 
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  1. How fun is your hat?? I’ve always wanted to go to the Derby!

  2. OMG have you been to the Derby before? If so, so jealous. And if not, still jealous of that hat!

  3. You are rocking that hat!!

  4. how amazing are you in that derby getup!! i love it!! hope you had an awesome time in charleston!!

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