Blates are the ish…

Blate: Blogger Date
Last weekend I had to go to work in the ATL where my buddy Ashley, from Run With Me, lives. YAY. We planned on going to dinner. Guess who was ALSO there?!
and Chelsea from Choose to be Happy
4 Bloggers
4 Brunettes
4 cinnamon whiskey shots (but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post)
it was a great evening!
Ashley was way cooler than me and posted about this evening in a POEM.
Some people are just better… check it.
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  1. haha you crack me up! seriously – so much fun! and the cinnamon whiskey – ewww! hope you’ve been sporting your dragon tee! i hope all the other ATL trainers are busy and you have to come back to ATL real soon 🙂

    hope you made it back in time for friends-giving!!!

  2. you gals are very sweet. glad you had fun togther!

  3. this makes me happy!! PS you are GORGEOUS angelina. 🙂

    please let me know next time you come back. i want to go out out with yall!! putting it on my bucket list :)d

  4. Ah! You had a blogapalooza in the ATL! FUN! 🙂

  5. Blates are the best. Glad it was fun and not awkward (my secret blate-planning fear).

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