Book Buzz: Fat Attack – A Review & Giveaway!


My friend and colleague, Nardia Norman has written an excellent book for anybody wanting to turn themselves into a fat-burning machine! I read this book in just over a day and from a trainer’s standpoint, LOVED it. Like most fat-loss books, it break down the key behaviors that one must address in order to make true change in their bodies but this one does an amazing job of putting it into concise, simple terms; no fitness or medical jargon!


I asked my mother to read it, from a consumer standpoint, and let me know if she felt that it was as easy to understand as I thought it was. She agreed. She even had this to say about it:

“We all know what we need to do when it come to better heath. The question is “why don’t we do it?”  I believe the answer lies our or fear of failure and the lack of proper nutritional health knowledge.  Why bother to lose five pounds because it just means gaining back seven.  Why bother  slimming your stomach or thighs when winter is right around the corner and you will probably just lay around and get those inches back? Why even bother?  It’s easier to eat what we want to make our selves feel better in the moment.  This book helps you to understand how brief that moment really is and how emotional eating only takes us deeper into the unhealthy eating spiral.  This book teaches how to slowly, but surely tunnel back up to normal, healthy eating habits that make us physically and emotionally function at our best. 

Weight loss is just a number on a scale.  What truly matters is what we actually lose.  Have you ever wondered why your new diet helped you to lose a few pounds early on, but then it quit working?  It was probably because you were losing water and much needed muscle, but not the fat we need to lose to stay healthy.  The book teaches you that some fat is needed to protect our vital organs, but too much leads to many other health related problems such as type 2 diabetes and even early death due to bad nutrition.

This book, “Fat Attack” teaches us how to to break our bad eating habits slowly and a step at a time   After all, we all gain weight slowing and there is no instant way to lose it overnight.  These baby steps along with the knowledge of how the body processes all that we put into it, especially when it comes to our fat intake will lead to better health. As the writer stated, “Small positive changes repeated over time equals big rewarding changes in the long term.”

This book helped me to understand that we all need some sugar, carbs and even some fat in our diets.  It also taught me how the body uses fat to protect our internal organs and how much fat is too much.  Most importantly, it taught me how the body functions better with more muscle mass and less fat. I’ll never look at carbs, protein, high fructose corn syrup, and especially fat in the same way again. “

Thanks for your review, MOM!

You can use this book to help you on your own fat-loss mission, or if you’re a fitness pro, use it to share with your clients. It’s a great resource to help your clients understand WHY we tell them what we do!

*Added bonus: Nardia is from New Zealand and so she uses cute, Kiwi dialect throughout the book (e.g. lollies, takeaway, fizzy drinks,etc). So that’s entertaining for anybody living on this side of the world. ; )

Moving on…

In honor of this awesome book, Nardia and I are giving away THREE copies!

Just enter your name and email address below before 11:59pm on Sunday to be entered.

The 3 winners will be announced on Monday, June 23th!

If you’d rather not chance it, go ahead and buy the book here … and on Kindle here
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  1. Cheryl says

    I hope I win that book!

    • Cheryl, did you leave your name/email on the raffle widget above? I didn’t see it in the entries… You’re not entered unless you do! Let me know if you have any problems so we can get your entered! : )

  2. Bobby Bowling says

    Hook me up, Ami!

    • Bobby! I’ll do my best, but only if you enter! Didn’t see your name on the entries… Did you enter your name/email on the raffle widget above? Let me know if you have issues with it! : )

  3. What an awesome giveaway!!! Crossing my fingers I win!

  4. thanks for hosting!

  5. Rhonda Click says

    Sounds like an awesome book!!

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