Book Buzz: I Love You, Ronnie

So we all know how great of a romance Ronald and Nancy Reagan had. It spanned decades! And throughout their entire relationship he wrote her letters. This book was written by Nancy and includes a lot of the many letters/cards/drawings he wrote for her. From the time they first started dating, all the way up until he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He would write to her from movie sets, send telegrams (telegrams!) from train stations, even write notes from across the same room. It’s completely and utterly adorable.

I’d heard about this book when it came out a few years back but never remembered to buy it. Then a couple weeks ago, I saw it on the coffee table at my client’s house and immediately grabbed it. “Can I borrow this?!” We’re book buddies, so it wasn’t as creepy and weird as it may sound. I read half of it on the plane to LA that weekend and the other half this week. SOOO good.

In other book news: many Borders stores are closing (sad) and there’s one near my house that’s displaying all their “Store Closing: Sale” banners (not sad). It’s sooo hard not to drive over and buy 30 books right now! But I’m trying to have some control. Because I’ve started all of these, pictured below, and have yet to finish any. So not like me. I’m a “I started it, I have to finish before I start another one” kind of reader. It’s that sense of completion thing, I imagine.
When I do finish all these above, what should I look for when I go on my store-closing-shopping-spree? Any suggestions? I hear Water for Elephants and The Hunger Games are both good but I’m wanting to borrow those instead of buy them. It’s times like these I kinda wish I had a Kindle… I don’t really want to lug all these to NYC this weekend but I don’t know which one I want to take!
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  1. Borders is closing?!? WHAT!? So sad! I haven’t read them yet, but The Paris Wife and The Help are supposed to be good! Love Ronald, so I must check out this new book! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Anonymous says

    Once you get an eReader you will never go back. I have an iPad and use the Kindle app. I thought I would save money on the lower cost ebooks but I’m spending more since it’s so convenient to read everywhere. I did buy a hardback book recently but that was to get it autographed by Mike Huckabee.


  3. I drove past a Borders with the closing sign up when I was in the States last week. I sooooo wish I had time to stop by.
    Just finished The Bronze Horseman and The White Queen (I read like a lunatic while flying). I think I’ll be ordering The Hunger Games next xo

  4. Just stumbled across your blog…

    You’ve gotta finish ‘Little Bee’ (maybe you already have?) – it’s a GREAT book!

    I’ve been thinking about picking up ‘Cutting For Stone’ – would you recommend it?

    Water for Elephants is another great book and I’m just reading ‘The Fire Catcher’ (sequel to Hunger Games) – also very good!

  5. Just came across your blog via @MaggyENV (my sis in law), had to recommend Jen Lancaster’s books. The woman never ceases to crack me up! 🙂

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