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I’ve been getting a TON of reading done on my millions of plane rides lately and I LOVE it (the reading, not the flying)! Do you ever go through periods where you’ll read everything under the sun, never leave the house without a book, and then go a month of two without reading ANYTHING? December was my month of not reading anything… I don’t even know why I was so busy… it’s not like I was Christmas shopping or anything (waited until the day before Christmas Eve to start).

Anywho… Do you know of Philppa Gregory?! If not, you should. She writes the best books. She’s had a couple small series but my favorite books of hers are her historical novels of the Tudor era. Ever see the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl”? With Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johanson? That was her book. She’s written tons. From The Virgin’s Lover (the story of Queen Elizabeth and her lover/advisor Robert Dudley) to the one I just read, The Other Queen (the story of Mary Queen of Scots) Philippa Gregory just ropes you in and holds on to you until the very last page… or the last beheading, either way. Not only are they very intriguing but they’re historically (factually) correct as well. This is important for somebody who actually almost double majored in history because she was so obsessed with it. . I didn’t finish the major though because… well … it’s not like you can do a whole lot that degree other than teach history… which was not my plan. I always end up googling these people after I read the book to make sure she wasn’t just makin’ ish up. She doesn’t (except the dialogue, of course), it’s all true!

A list of some of her books (at least the ones I loved):
The Red Queen
The White Queen
The Constant Princess
The Other Boleyn Girl
The Boleyn Inheritance
The Queen’s Fool
The Virgin’s Lover
The Other Queen
The Wise Woman
The complete list can be found here at her website, arranged in order of century. My faves are the ones from the 15th-17th centuries. I wasn’t super excited about the ones from the 18th and haven’t read the ones from the 20th yet. But let me know if you have… I might give ’em a whirl.
So if you’re looking for some good reads, these should hold you over for a while.
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  1. Woah! She has a lot of books! I haven’t read those, but I used to love reading historical fiction books! 🙂
    PS Since your’e a fitness trainer, do you know if Couch Potato to 5k is a good plan? I am hoping it is! Have fun keeping on reading!

  2. As someone who majored in History, let me say that I love love love Phiippa Gregory! i seriously cannot get enough! I’ve read almost all of her books. Just finished The Red Queen. I’ve got The Other Queen sitting on my nightstand ready to go (have to finish Eat Pray Love first… I’m late to the bandwagon on that one) and The White Queen should be arriving from Amazon any day now! (can you tell I’m super excited???)
    Have you ever read Diane Gabaldon’s Outlander series?

  3. I love reading anything on Queen Elizabeth and the Tudor era. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check her out!!

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