Book Buzz: Salt Fat Acid Heat

I want to learn more about cooking. I want to understand the science behind it all so I can enjoy cooking more than I do. I’ve come a long way from frozen fish filets and canned green beans in college (when I thought I was something), but I still don’t feel totally comfortable in the kitchen. Sure, I can follow a recipe, but if I don’t have a recipe, I feel looooost. Enter Samin Nosrat and her amazing game-changer of a cook book, that’s better than a cook book:

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking

Shoutout to Amina Sow from my favorite podcast, Call Your Girlfriend. In episode 93, she raved about this book (among others) and just thinking about understanding the basic pillars of cooking got me like, “YES!” I bought it. And let me tell you, if I had a job right now, I would purchase this book for 20 of my closest friends and family.

Things That Are My Jam About This Book: 

  • Samin’s conversational way of talking about food.
  • The passion that she conveys… that I now want to share.
  • Breaking it down into the BASICS – so even I can understand.
  • The illustrations! Way more fun than perfectly styled/photographed pretty food.

Exhibits A – C:

The only mistake I made was buying it in on my Kindle. Buy the real copy!

I want this on my counter, sitting in a cook book holder (that I still need to purchase) from now on so I can thumb through the pages while sipping my wine and smelling my awesome food cooking on the stove.

And back the hell up, y’all. I’m about to be awesome in the kitchen. Confidence for days… That’s what this book gives you.

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