Book Buzz: The Romance Series That’s WAY Better (& Hotter) Than 50 Shades

I don’t know about you guys, but I loved romance novels for a while, but eventually they all kinda felt the same: a demure damsel, a hunky stable boy, badda bing badda boom, steamy scenes, happily ever after, the end. They were fine, then I got over it and stopped reading them.

My BFF – who was also into romance novels and felt the same way I did about the Shades series – not our fave – told me she’d recently been so overwhelmed by the state of the world that she just wanted something FUN to read to relax. She’d gotten back into romances and found the BEST series. She told me I had to at least read the first book.

I bought the first book on Kindle and it took me a couple weeks to start it.
Then I read it in a day and a half…

Hate to Want You is set in present day (no castles or maidens), has an incredibly diverse array of characters (a plus in these times), and has the steamiest scenes she’d read in years. She never steers me wrong soooooo…

At $4.99, I went ahead and bought the 2nd one too.
It took me 2 days to read this one, mostly because I had some other things to do.

And then the 3rd one… done in a day.

So I read all 3 of these in the span of a week, I believe. They were fun, fast, and super steamy. Alisha Rai is an excellent writer and I’ve recently started following her on Twitter. It’s no surprise that she’s pretty witty and entertaining. She’s also the first writer to have an indie-published book on the Washington Post’s annual Best Books list so I’m stoked for her success there. Shoutout to her as well for writing an incredibly sexy series that was not only entertaining, but also inclusive and sex-positive. THANK GOODNESS somebody realizes it’s 2018!

So if anybody out there is in a reading rut, a personal rut, or I guess any rut in general, I say spend $5 to get the first book and settle in to have yourself a great weekend of reading. ; )

You’ll thank me later!


Any other steamy series I should know about?

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