Book Buzz: Triple Whammy

I’ve been reading up a storm lately – being sick and bed-ridden contributed. 
As well as my having to fly every week…
Here’s what I’ve devouring lately: 

#1: No Easy Day
by Mark Owen

This is the story of the SEAL team that took down Osama Bin Laden. This book is SOOO good. I literally read half of it in one day. I’ve always been an admirer of SEALs purely because their physical training is so intense and impressive. Getting a glimpse into what their skill/tactical training is like is even more interesting and highly entertaining. This book highlights not only the Bin Laden mission but several others that lead up to that moment. These guys are so badass and it makes me really jealous. There are times when I think I could pull some of this ish off as well… and then I go play laser tag for my friend’s birthday a few weeks ago and am hit in literally the first 2.5 seconds we’re in the game. And then every other second after that. And then I think, “I’d be dead if this were real combat. Most likely, the first one dead.” And that would be embarrassing. So I think I’ll stick with fitness and let the badasses carry out the serious missions. : )

This book is a great/fast read and I highly recommend it. 
Good for both sexes, so your bfs and huzzies will probably like it as well. Score.
Kindle for $12.99
#2: Confessions of a Public Speaker
by Scott Berkun

I LOVED this book. As a “work” book, I didn’t expect this one to be entertaining. At all. I knew it would help me along and maybe give me some new ideas that my friends and colleagues hadn’t told me yet… but I had no idea how much I would actually ENJOY it. Scott Berkun writes really well and in a way that feels like he’s actually speaking with you, not talking at you. Like all good speakers, he tells stories that relate to you and that’s where he hits his main points. A lot of this book was him identifying what you can do to prevent a lot of the disasters that can break you when you’re speaking in a public venue. Then he tells you what to do to fix them, because you’re most likely going to make them anyway. This book was highly entertaining – especially the section where he invited a bunch of his friends/colleagues to pen their own embarrassing speaking incidents – hilarious. If you’ve got to do any public speaking/presenting for your field, this book is a must read. High five, Scotty B. Thanks for teaching me a few things & not being boring about it. ; )

Kindle, $8! Holla

Sidenote – I’ll be presenting at my first big conference in March, 6 weeks from now. Let’s hope I can remember half of this ish and not wind up on some viral youtube video with a split in the ass of my pants or having just fallen off the fucking stage…  #fingerscrossed #preptime

#3: Adrift 
by Steven Callahan

I first heard about this story when I read this survival book a few months back. It was so intriguing but only told the highlights of his survival mentality. So I wanted to go straight to the source to find out all the details. It was really worth it. Steven Callahan was SO prepared for a million different scenarios before he took out on his own. His preparedness made the difference in life or death for himself and I found that so incredible. He had some paper and a pencil so he kept a little journal of his time out on the water. 
This book was a little slower to read as it’s obviously just him and the ocean for all of it. I also just needed some breaks to mentally chill out from everything that he had to endure over those few months. It’s absolutely amazing what you can endure when you have to. It definitely makes you think twice about all the stuff you “need” every day. And I thought twice about texting a friend for dinner the other night that I was “starving”… I instead wrote, “I’m REALLY  hungry. Wanna go grab some food?” 
On Kindle for $9
What are you guys reading right now? 
I’ve now read one “work” book. 
So that means I can read 6 “fun” books until I should read another work one… ; ) 
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  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed it.

    -Scott (@berkun)

  2. giiirl! you know i read like one book a year HOWEVER my friend got me hooked on this independent author – rebecca donovan and i read her book ” a reason to breathe” …soooo good!!!

    PS – I need life updates!! It’s been too long!

  3. I need a good book so thanks for sharing this!

  4. I’ll be checking out that Navy Seals book fo sho.
    And you know what… since you’re a bad ass, and the Seals are bad ass… you should marry one and be a Mrs. Seal. That would be cool.

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