Book Club and Steve Jobs

As I type this blog post out on my Macbook, I’m thinking of all the ways this man that I’ve never met has made my life so much easier. Having iTunes and my iPod to select music, make playlists and transport my music from gym to gym. Having this awesome computer that has never once, in over 4 years, acted up. Having my iPhone with all these insane apps that makes it effortless to run my business and travel all over the world without a single worry of missing an email, getting lost in random city, missing my connecting flight info, or making a purchase, all with the touch of a screen in my hand. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to know and interact with Steve Jobs, but it must have been insane. I have the utmost respect for anybody that has a vision (no matter how crazy it may be) and MAKING IT A REALITY. He’s done this more than anybody I’m aware of in the past couple of decades. Kudos, Mr. Jobs.

Job well done.
Moving on:
Book Club, September book,
The Hunger Games!
If you would have told me that I was going to read a futuristic/sci-fi/government conspiracy GUY book and absolutely love it, I would have told you that were straight trippin’. But it’s true. I did.I actually read all three books in the trilogy. In two weeks. Who am I?
So, Blogger Book Club members: Who actually read it? Who read all three books? Who now can’t effing wait for the movies?! Although I’m thinking they’re going to be a bit violent and I’ll have to not watch some of those scenes… I’m so glad I heard about these books once all three were out. Same with Twilight. I would have hated ending one book, having those HUGE cliffhangers, then having to wait another year for the next one to be released. Too bad I’ll have to do that with the movies.
Pumped about the movie.
Not pumped that this kid is playing Peeta.
What?! I mean, I’m totally for this guy in the movie… maybe as a tribute? And he’s from Kentucky, so I support him even more for representing… I just don’t see him as Peeta. What do you think?
But YAY for Jennifer Lawrence.
I think she’s a great Katniss.
AND she’s from the ‘Ville as well.
There’s just something about those peeps from KY…
They’re just so cool.
; )
OK. Thoughts on the book.
And suggestions for October’s book.
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  1. I listened to all three books on my iPhone, so I guess I am hitting both topics today.

    Obama’s statement on Jobs was great. It pointed out that a testimony to him as an innovator was the fact the so many people found out about his death on a device that he created.

    I really enjoyed all three books and I am also interested in the movie. I love Jennifer Lawrence (seriously Jennifer…call me). She was absolutely amazing in Winter Bone, a great film where she carried every single scene.

    The rest of the casting is pretty great too.

  2. My hubby is in mourning over Job’s death. It is a sad day in our house today.

    LOVE the Hunger Games and completely disappointed with Peeta’s casting. I feel like the first Twilight readers must have felt when Edward was cast. Hunger Games is one of my very favorite YA books and I have read a lot of YA books as a middle school teacher. I didn’t really like the second or third book because the first was such a standout on it’s own. I am curious to see if they do the book justice in the movie.


  3. so bummed out that Jobs died! But he did great work when he was here!

    I haven’t read any of the books! I’m still trying to get through books I started a year ago [and finding a book I was in the middle of reading and lost somewhere…]

  4. I loved all three books!! So glad I got to that party late too, so I didn’t have to wait! Read all three in about a week. Can’t wait for the movies. And as always, I was on the wrong team. I was Team Jacob and I was Team Gale!

  5. i have to join the hunger games bandwagon and do it quick!!! great blog!

  6. i read the first one and loved it! i need to get on the 2nd book but kinda needed a break from all the violence! i agree – the movie is going to be good but gory!

    totally agree about katniss character – love JL! not so sure about peeta’s character!

    hmmm since I haven’t read anything since hunger games – let me know what you decide for oct!

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