Camping Weekend

After doing so much camping during the first part of my trip, it was nice to set up in my manfriend’s place for a little while. I could get my clothes out of the bags, I could do laundry, I could have regular showers! But now that it’s been a week or two here, I was kind of missing my tent. The weather was perfect this past weekend so we packed up and headed out to camp. And we found the best spot. This lake only had 3 “campsites” (e.g. empty spaces with picnic tables), which were all taken by the time we arrived, but this open field up the hill from the lake was vacant, so we snagged it. And it was perfect.

This place is pretty hard to get to and out of the way, which means hardly anybody was there. This is always ideal because the boys and Tango can all run around freely and you don’t have to freak out about them running out in front of a car or getting lost.


Enjoying the mud puddles:

and the sleeping bag:


Like I said before, it stays light out pretty late when you’re up north in the summertime. This was a photo I shot from inside the tent at about 11pm. Have I mentioned that Summer is my favorite season? Always has been…


Cleland Lake, British Columbia

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