Canada – California – Canada – Ireland – U.K.

This entire trip may be the least efficient traveling I’ve ever done.

But definitely the most fun…


 Somewhere in Oregon. See the mountain top in the background?



TRX oregon

Sequoia. Jenn’s mappin’ our route.


me and jenn

Last week Tango and I left Canada to head down to San Diego. I needed to get him down there to his favorite SD Dog-Sitter, Danielle. We left Canada on Monday, camped on the Oregon/Washington border that night, then drove a million hours to Sequoia National Park where my good friends, Jenn and Jason live and work. Jenn had Wednesday off so I was trying to make it quickly so we could have the whole day to hang. We did a great hike in Sequoia Nat’l Forest, so Tango could come too, and spent some great time by Weaver Lake because it was hot as balls. After a quick evening in Santa Barbara, (one of my favorite places in California) we finally arrived in San Diego… for less than a day.

I then flew back up to Canada because my man-friend and I go to Europe tonight! After spending the rest of my airline miles and a good chunk of my hotel points for a date night in a fancy hotel, this trip better be worth it. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be… Can’t wait to catch up on reading and podcasts on the plane. Can’t wait to explore Dublin and London. Can’t wait to see some f***ing castles. History is my jam (and fun fact: was almost my 2nd major in college) so I’m pumped to see some old sites! If you know of great things I should see in Dublin (I have 3 days) and London (I have 2 days so don’t get crazy) please let me know!!

If you are over my travel posts, they’ll be done in 2 weeks! ; )


I don’t know how much I’ll be posting on the blog from Europe, but you can keep up with me on Instagram.

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