Canada: Ski Trip!

My man-friend and I try to make it a point to see each other once a month… Long distance relationship, ya know? Since he’s lucky enough to live near some amazing skiing, and since my Sipinski* buds and I try to plan a ski trip every year, we decided this year’s destination would be Canada. Two birds. One stone. We had a blast skiing, they got to view some sweet Canadian scenery, and we all got to watch the start of the Winter Olympics.  Here are some photos:

Left to Right:
Abby, Uncle Doug, Mariah, Eric, Me, Man-Friend, and T & R
(Side note: my Man-Friend has 2 awesome little boys). 

You wanted no skin exposed this weekend. Canadian winter is no joke.
Always a good time with the man-friend.
Always too short a trip though.
Until next time, Man-friend.
*Sipinski backstory to come.

**Thanks, Abby for sharing your photos! : )

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  1. You look so great! Love the pics and jealous of the snow! Way to live it up!

  2. I would suggest you check out the Waterton and crowsnest pass area…its personally my favourite area of the mountains, and I’m going there this weekend 🙂

    I know crowsnest pass has some skiing, but I don’t know how good it is because I don’t ski.

    But the scenery there is very different then the scenery up north, a very beautiful area of the mountains.

  3. Maggy you wouldn’t be jealous of the snow of you were here! #coldestwinterever
    Thanks for the tips, Jess! have to check that out at some point!

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