Canada Weekend Recap


These trips to see my man-friend are always super short, but we tend to fit a lot into the weekend… Including, unfortunately, watching the MMA fights Saturday night – as a result of my losing this year’s NCAA bracket bet. Moving on: The great thing about being in the Canadian Rockies is that everywhere you look, there’s a picturesque view.

Exhibits A – C:




The other great thing: Each time I visit Canada, I find out new, exciting things that are just… so… Canadian. It makes me smile. We were checking out a friend’s gym and it was one of those mega gyms that has everything you could possibly want in a fitness center. It was absolutely huge. I was already walking around and marveling at the size of the place (it included an ice rink for hockey practic, and another ice skating rink for figure skating lessons) when I rounded a corner and stopped dead in my tracks. There was a THIRD rink! And it was for Curling. Ha!


I don’t know why I thought it was reserved for special Olympic athlete practice (we were in a normal fitness club, with tons of families around), but I was under the impression that we weren’t allowed to be on the ice… But we watched several people come and go, grabbing the broom thingy, putting their shoes in a cleaning contraption before stepping onto the ice and curling away. So after everyone cleared out, we hopped out there to give it a whirl ourselves.

He’s no pro, but it’s not his first rodeo…


It was mine, however… #kook


(iPhone screen started getting foggy by this point in the cold rink)

Needless to say, I wasn’t so awesome at the few throws (tosses? slides? curls?) I managed. That thing is way heavier than you’d imagine so the first time it barely passed the half-way mark. The second time, I put my back into it and the thing crashed into the wall at the other end. Oops. It’s nice to know we could go back in the future and get some more practice in… : )

Another fun thing I discovered?


Reese’s come in packs of 3! All the time. I bought these and was pumped to see there was an extra one in the package. (This is completely satisfying because whenever I’d had these in the past, I’ve always wanted more than 2, but felt a little ridiculous buying the king-sized option of 4.) This 3rd peanut butter cup isn’t  an “extra” though; they’ve apparently always come in threes in Canada.  WTH?! Why don’t they do that in the states?!  Way to go, Canada. Way to go.

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  1. First, when I used to sell candy fundraisers for band in school the Reese’s were always in 3s. It was bizarre. Maybe they came from Canada! Second, I Liebster’d you! Check it out!

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