Movement Tips for the BEGINNER Beginner.

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There are enough posts out there to recommend really hard/advanced exercises, but this post is aimed at those in the very beginner category: those that have been sick or injured for a while, those who are extremely overweight, or those that experience difficulty with most physical activity.

Maybe you’ve made the decision to¬†“get in shape,” but you’re not totally sure where to start. Or, you’re not physically, financially, or emotionally ready to join a gym just yet. Whatever your motivation is, it’s awesome that you’re ready to roll in some fashion. Here are a few beginner movement tips that may help you out: [Read more…]

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So Long, 2010!

We’ve had a fabulous year with lots of changes. We spent half the year in San Diego, half in Louisville. It’s been FANTASTIC! No countdowns here, just counting blessings. Thanks so much to everybody we’ve spent this year with. We love you!

Enjoy the last day of the year, everybody!

~Ami, Conrad, and Tango
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