Ish You Need: The Cool Purse

My friends, Alison and Abby are awesome. 
Exhibit A: 
They’re also geniuses. 
Exhibit B: 

These REALLY cute purses
double as drink holders. 
Discreet drink holders… if you know where I’m going with this. 
It’s DERBY season! 
So many outdoor events. 
So many restrictions on bringing your own beverages. Boo. 
It’s become practically an artform to be able to get alcohol past security at Churchill Downs. 
These days, they search your bag, and pat you down. 
Some people manage to sneak it in, but other people also get busted… 
With this purse, you won’t have to resort to taping baggies of booze
to your thighs and risking getting vodka all over your lady parts. 
Not that I’ve done that or anything… 
Check it: 
These are my faves. 
Haven’t decided which one I’m getting, but I’m getting mine fo’ sho’. 

Cute, huh? 
Visit The Cool Purse website if you want one!!! 
Sidenote: you don’t have to be an alch-y to get one of these. 
There are other types of beverages you can store in here. 
But they’re damn cool. 
Local Sidenote: Check them out at the Old Louisville Spring Fest May 19th! 
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