Derby, A Mean Mug, and a cleanse…

This is an all-in-one-post kind of day… 
First: I had to go out of town on Derby, but here’s a photo from Oaks Day

As previously discussed, I took my Cool Purse (as we all did) and was able to get through security with 3 small bottles of airplane vodka. YES! VICTORY! Not that I was planning on drinking that much, but part of the fun of going to the infield is sneaking in your alcohol. We totally stuck it to the man! Ha!

and then…
“Excuse me, miss? You have to go through gate 13 if you’re going to bring a chair in.” 
Even though I was a 2 minute walk to the infield, the guy made me leave and walk all the way around the track to go into the entrance where everybody brings in their chairs, coolers, tents, etc. Whatever. 
But as I go through security, the guy starts feeling all over my bag and busts me. 
ALL 3 bottles, taken away. 
 So then I felt like this: 

But it ended up being a fun day anyway. I got to see a bunch of friends and enjoy Derby spirit at Churchill Downs. : ) 
And now… the cleanse part. 
Derby consists of a TWO WEEK celebration. Every night in the city there are different festivities all leading up to the big race day. The city comes alive, people are out, everybody’s in a great mood. This also calls for LOTS of socializing. Which usually includes drinking. 
Now let me clarify
Yes, I drink alcohol occasionally. No, I don’t get wasted. 
I’m talking probably 2 drinks, each night of the week last week. Two glasses of wine one night, 2 beers the next at the concert, 2 cocktails at Oaks, etc… After about 5 days in a row of this, I feel like ASS. It’s amazing how much something like that can take a toll on your body when you’re not used to it. I woke up Sunday feeling tired and run-down, with very little energy for working out or doing anything at all. 
So it’s cleanse time. 
No, I’m not going to starve myself and only drink lemon juice with cayenne pepper. Just no alcohol for a while, only water to drink, and fruits and veggies like whoa. Yup. 
My roomie just told me last week that we’re only going to be wearing small black shorts and sports bras for our modern dance piece that we’re performing on JUNE 9th. Sooooo… it’s time to pay attention to what’s going in my body anyway (more attention that usual). Nobody wants to see a dancer, in very little clothing, looking jiggly on stage. Those lights are unforgiving anyway. : ) 
So there’s my Derby recap and my plan for next few weeks… 
Anybody else working on something right now?

*Derby photos from my buddy, Amador! 
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