Things That Are My Jam Right Now

My BFF, Amanda.
This past year was the first in about 10 years that we’ve lived in the same city.
We get to hang on a weekly basis and it’s awesome.

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It’s a big news week: Post #1

So last week was busy. Sorry to leave you hanging. But lots of great stuff happened!

Exhibit A:
My BFF had her baby! 

And bonus points for going into labor on the one day 
that I was in town
and had no evening clients. 
This is why we work.

She would punch me in the face if I posted 
photos of her during contractions. 
(And I’m too good of a friend to do that to her. But trust me, she looked fab as usual.)
So you get behind the scenes photos instead.
The day: 
Playing cards in the waiting room with the other BFFs
(those are our bridesmaid’s necklaces from her wedding)
Bonna, Me, Crystal

Beyond excited!
Even though we kept getting kicked out of the room by the staff…
stupid rules.

Welcome to the world, 
Henry Charles.

You’ve got some serious people who have your back, you know? 

Such an amazing day.
Congrats Amanda and Josh!
We love you. 

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Last week was my JAM

I know. 
I haven’t been posting regularly. 
I’m sorry. 
Last week was great. I had my birthday, I worked, 
I traveled (shocker), 
got some great work offers to move me up 
in the industry, 
then I got to celebrate my birthday
(a week later). 
These things contributed to my great week. 
they were my jam: 
This candle from Crystal smells SO good. 
It’s been lit 24/7 ’round these parts. 
It’ll prob be gone within a week. 

I could listen to this Pandora station all day. And I kind of do… 
Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson, Ray LaMontagne, 
The Wailin’ Jennys, etc. 
So good. So chill. 
Watching Tang and Church run amok makes me smile. 
Every day. 

Lynn made me dinner in exchange for watching her baby last week while 
she and her hubs had a date night. A fair trade indeed.
 AND you should check out her recipes on her blog
She’s fab. 

After test-paddling kayaks and standup-paddleboards 
Friday night, with Tamara and Scott, 
we got Graeter’s Ice Cream. 
Oh yeah. 
I couldn’t finish mine… but I gave it my best shot. 
 Birthday celebration Saturday night at our fave downtown spot.
Outdoor seating, 15 friends, glow-in-the-dark Ping Pong, and fun lights. 
This is me, (a little D after a lot of Bourbon)with Sarah. 

Enjoying my Sunday with my new favorite book
and a reading partner…

Amanda just moved back to Louisville! 
We haven’t lived in the same city since high school. 
And her preggo belly is adorable. 

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BFF Trip 2012: Charleston

Picking up from where we left off… 
Remember Bonna being bored in the car and crafting? 
These are the products of that boredom: 
That’s effing right, bitches. 
You remember making them, right?
 And strutting them. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Chillin’ at Folly Beach…
with my Katniss braid. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
On our way to Sullivan’s Island beach. 
’cause pretty much all we did in Charleston, 
besides eat, 
was lay around and nap. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Bonna shaking the sand from her towel
in the most attractive way imaginable. 
Good use of wind, Bonna. 
Well done. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Leaving Charleston…
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
for Savannah. 
Those photos coming next! 

HUGE thanks to my girls,  Ashley and Danielle, for all their C-town recommendations!
LOVED them! 

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BFF Trip 2012 is now commencing!

This photo is from 2006, at a Kentucky Derby celebrity party.
 It has nothing to do with our BFF trip this weekend, 
BUT we look great,
AND feel just as excited today 
as we did on this night all those years ago… 
Note the cheesy smiles.
And me as a blonde. 

We’re headed out today for 5 glorious days of BFF time: Girl talk, no fellas, lounging by the pool (hopefully the weather’s warm enough for a tan), drinking wine, sightseeing, shopping, etc with NO interruptions. Yessssss.

We finally decided on Charleston, SC, 
because you guys voted on it. 
And because it’s really close to Savannah, GA 
so we figured we could kill two birds with one stone. 
And I love being efficient. 
Austin, TX, you’re up for next year’s trip. Sorry. 
Back on Tuesday, 
I’ll post photos! 
Have a great weekend everybody! 
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Ghetto Skyping

Me, Bonna, and Amanda are trying to finalize the BFF 2012 trip details… 
I Skype, they don’t. 
SO they download Skype so we can have a 3 -way convo. 
Then this happened:
Bonna’s video wouldn’t work. 
Then we discovered you can’t 3-way without paying for it. 
Amanda and I pay for it, Bonna can’t from her iPhone. 
I decide to speakerphone Bonna from a regular call so Amanda can hear her. 
THEN we decide to FaceTime Bonna from my iPhone, 
point her face at my computer, so she can us, we can see her, etc. 
But it worked. 
Amanda’s hubs, Josh laughed at us. 
My arm got tired. 
This is what it looked like: 
See Bonna’s tiny little head on my iPhone screen? 
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My BFF is in town

until SUNDAY! Woo hoo!

We’ll probably only get to hang out once or twice this week, but I’ll take it. : ) I’ll be glad when we live in the same vicinity again…

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The 3 Musketeers

Me, Amanda (the red-head), and Bonna (whose actual name is Briana, but I changed it years ago). My BFFs from way back… Without these two girls, I have no idea where I would be. I miss them both terribly and need a girls’ weekend. Soon.

Charlie’s Angels – Halloween 2005 (told you I was blonde)

Kentucky Derby Party – 2006

Another KY Derby party – 2007

When they came to visit me in San Diego – 2009

Amanda’s wedding – 2009
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