Angel Tree

The Salvation Army has one of the best donation programs for kids! It’s called the Angel Tree. It’s a program that helps local children who are in need of clothes, shoes, winter coats, and of course, toys! I had never been able to participate when I was younger (poor college kid, you know…) but now I’m able to and it’s been so much fun!

Here’s how it works, you go to the website and find an area near you to ‘adopt and angel’. It’s usually a local mall, but anyway, you pick out a child profile and sign up. Then you get to go shopping! The child’s profile will have all their sizes for you, (shirt/pant/dress/coat/shoe) and what they’d like for Christmas this year. Most of them just say ‘toy’ so it’s up to you to pick out something good. Now, you don’t have to go spend a million dollars on your angel, but they ask that you at least pick up one item of clothing and one toy. Once you’ve got all your goods, just drop them back off at the same point you adopted your angel. They take it from there!
I got Destiny, a 5 year old girl. I had a great time picking out an outfit, a pair of shoes, and some toys for her. I even found a mini bathrobe! It’s always funny to think about who this girl might be and what she’s into. I decided to go with a couple really girly toys and a couple tom-boy-ish things, just in case (’cause I was that kid).
Now, I could never find this program when I lived in San Diego so I just did Toys for Tots. (donate some dough. Every little bit helps! If you’ve got a little to spare this holiday season, please try to remember the Angel Tree. No kid should ever do without.
p.s. I had such a fun time playing Santa that I’m going to adopt another angel when I drop my things off tomorrow. This time, a boy!
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