Visit to the ATL…

I had to go to Atlanta last last weekend for work… 
(more on that later) but while I was there, 
I managed to squeeze in a little blate time with Ashley!! 
It was so great to get to see her again, 
since our last blate was in December. 
We were able to have dinner one night
 and get all caught up, 
then I got to end my trip by attending a pool party 
with her and her ATL buds. 

Her buddy, Brandon making sure my camera worked… : ) 

It looks like this guy is flexing, 
but I just caught him mid-twist

Pools on hot days are my jam. 

and a high five to Atlanta for being hot, but not scorching… 
like most summers. 
The weather was perfect that day! 
Ashley’s photo!
And a quick tip for looking good in photos where you’re almost naked 
(besides having Ash’s sweet tan, working out, and not eating crap):
*Turn your hips to the side, 
*Turn your shoulders toward the front, 
*Stand up tall. 
; ) 
I’ll be heading back to the ATL in 3 weeks! 
See you soon, Ash. And you too, Chelsea
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Blates are the ish…

Blate: Blogger Date
Last weekend I had to go to work in the ATL where my buddy Ashley, from Run With Me, lives. YAY. We planned on going to dinner. Guess who was ALSO there?!
and Chelsea from Choose to be Happy
4 Bloggers
4 Brunettes
4 cinnamon whiskey shots (but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post)
it was a great evening!
Ashley was way cooler than me and posted about this evening in a POEM.
Some people are just better… check it.
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