B Party!

My cousin, Allison got married a few weeks ago
and I’m just now posting the photos from her B Party.
Better late than never, yes? 
and Horse Racing.
Just your average B Party. 
; ) 
Me and my momma! 

Other cousins
Emily, Me, Malissa!

I don’t even know what this was
but it had Pomegranate in it. 
And it was delicious. 

Mom and aunts acting silly

Pinkies up. 

Trying to look at every gift
except the dirty ones… haha

There’s no telling…

And on to Churchill Downs! 

The four girls. 
Love my cousins! 

And congrats to the bride! 

I was out of town for her wedding but was able to watch the ceremony
via Skype
from my computer in my hotel room,
to Malissa’s iPhone. 
Yay for technology! 
Love you, Al! 
photos from our other female family get-togethers here and here
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Road Trip Dance Party

Yay for road trips to Nashville, bachelorette party energy, and good friends like Sarah. 
And YAY for Florence and the Machine: 
The last 30 seconds of video is the best. 
But, please forgive our voices… 
We were squealing at the very end
 because we were getting honked at 
by truck drivers…. Yesssss.
But wait… there’s more! 
The next morning on our way to brunch: 
You’re welcome… 
Off to Miami! 
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B Party! And a little TMI…

If you’re a male family member of mine, go ahead and exit this page. 
Trust me. 
So I’ve got a Bachelorette Party this weekend 
in another city… 
can’t say which one yet
 as the Bride-To-Be is still unaware. 
But it’s a guaranteed good time. 
Can’t wait for a girl’s weekend!

I hope there are embarrassing games/moments for her, as there should be for any Bachelorette, but I hope there’s not a lot of penis paraphernalia… that’s not exactly my jam.

Which way do you go on B Party gifts? 
Massage Oil?
Gift card to Victoria’s Secret?

I’m that friend that gives all the embarrassing/you-know-you-secretly-want-them SEX TOYS. Because I know that my friends secretly want awesome sex toys/games/massage lotions, but they’d never be caught dead shopping for them, or saying that they want them. (I’m sure the grooms of my friends appreciate it though.) ; ) And I’m such a good friend* that I’ll take one for the team, go to the local novelty store, risk running into someone I know, and buy a ton of fun stuff. So that’s what I did Wednesday night. Luckily I made it out without seeing anybody I knew. Whew! All of that… so my friend can have an awesome honeymoon (if they can wait that long to use the goods). Yep, I’m a good friend.

*Brushin’ my shoulders off*

What’s your best B Party night?

*and maybe it doesn’t hurt me to go since I’m as single as they come these days… TMI? Maybe. Maybe not. You single ladies get me. ; )

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