Playlist! Beyonce & Justin

I’m not sure if there’s a chick out there, around my age, that doesn’t love Bey or J…(T). Their music is so fun to dance and work out to, they’re awesome entertainers, and I think we’d all give our right pinky finger to be able to hang out with them for even an hour. So I decided to dedicate an entire hour-long playlist to these two. I was lucky enough to get to attend both their concerts here in Louisville in December. In the same week! It’s safe to say they are both my jam. Here’s a playlist with just these two: [Read more…]
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Playlist! Beyonce, Bitches

Girlfriend’s got it going on
(and has for like the last ten years or something). 
I LOVED the Super Bowl halftime show this year
and was inspired to do an all Beyonce playlist for class.

from Beyonce’s site

So this week, this is what I rolled out. 
Let the dance party begin: 
The hard part about this playlist 
was trying to narrow it down! 
Only an hour?! 
I know I left out some good ones, 
but these are my faves. 
Get rollin’, bitches! : ) 
*All of my playlists are an hour long with the last couple songs for cool-down and stretching! 
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