Start ’em young

This video is for ALL you bloggers out there busting out babies like it’s your job.
I have no doubt that your babies will be beautiful.
Here’s some motivation to make them badass coordinated as well… from the start!
Here’s my friend Fraser’s little boy learning to ride a bike.
He was two when they filmed this.
They can do more than you think…
This kind of makes me want to procreate more, just so I can have a kid that will one-up his. ; )
Moral of the story:
Remember not to shelter your kids too much. They will fall down the stairs if they don’t know how to navigate them and control their body. So start ’em young (well at least when they can walk). I once had a 20 month* old that go up and down stairs like whoa, because she had to. Her room was on the 2nd floor. I also knew a 3 year old that still couldn’t do stairs because his mother never allowed him anywhere near them… Their bodies have to learn movement, so make sure they’re exposed to it!
*Oops! Sorry I left out the fact that I had kids in this whole blog experience. PSYCH! I nannied a lot when I was younger. Several families, several kids of all ages. It’s almost like I was a mom in my high-school/college years… weird.
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Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Wanna get better at something? Well then, you have to do it.
I do tons of stuff in my classes and sessions with personal training clients. Yes, we lift weights, but we also do a ton of balance work, jumping work (joint health permitting), throwing, and just about anything else I can come up with. Whenever I’m showing something new to people, they always give me the Crazy Face. The face that says, “you’re out of your DAMN mind. Occasionally I also get called a few names, followed by expletives. Then they try it. They usually are shaky first, but after a few tries, they’re ok. Then after a few sessions, they’re better. Then maybe after a month or so, they’ve mastered it.
The moral of the story? If you wanna get better at something, do it. Do it a lot. Do it until it’s no big deal anymore. You can get better at anything: running races, doing push-ups, standing on one leg, presenting in front of an audience, sex (no problem, right?)! Practice.
I’m going to leave you with this video of my good friend’s son riding a bike. He’s 2 years old. Booyah.
If only I’d started cooking when I was born….
Your body can do a lot of stuff, no matter what age you are. You just have to teach it. Have a good day, peeps!
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