Being a Mountain Biking Newbie… Again.

“I look and feel so attractive in bike shorts.” – no girl ever. 

Despite having to wear bike shorts, I’ve really gotten into mountain biking lately… again. A couple summers ago I was learning to ride. It was as scary as it was fun, but fun nonetheless. I’ve been wanting to get my own bike since then, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it since mountain bikes cost about a billion dollars. Flash forward to this year and I’ve finally bought my own… and have been feverishly trying to find buddies to ride with. And I have to admit… it’s been a fun to once again call all my buddies that might be home and shout, “Wanna go ride bikes?!” : ) 
My friends, Stacey and Abby have mountain bikes
and we’re all about the same level, which is nice. 
Had a fun “girls’ ride” the other day. 
Helmets, gloves, padded shorts, Camelbaks…

But only a little bit. Amador, Stacey’s husband, saves the day 
as he helps put air in all our tires! 

Yay for having tools and knowing how to use them! 
(My man-friend, an avid cyclist, was shaking his head when I told him about this. I’ve been instructed
 to buy a bike kit and am getting a crash course in bike maintenance on my next trip to see him)

I’ve found other friends that have mountain bikes as well! 
This is me and Trish… waiting for her son and hubs to re-do a section 
of the trail so they could “do the jumps”. 
We opted for selfies instead: 
I’ve also found that a more cooshy seat, like this one, 
will help keep my lady parts from being smashed… 
…always a good thing. 
I’ve also learned that as I’ve gotten a little more practice, 
I’ve gotten a little braver. And faster. 
And now falling has become a regular thing.
My roommate just had to get photos of me the other day after I came in from a ride
and a few falls. There’s a lot of dirt on me… 

She was thoroughly entertained. 
As were the dogs. 

Any other lady mountain bikers out there? 
Thoughts? Tips? 
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Hike and Bike… and a Hot Mess

This Labor Day held the annual Mayor’s Hike, Bike, and Paddle, a family-friendly active event in Louisville. You can come out and ride 15 miles through downtown on your bike, hike 3-4 miles through Waterfront Park, or paddle 2.6 miles on the Ohio River. This was the first time I’ve participated with my buds and we had a good time.

However, the night before
I did laundry and forgot to dry my workout clothes.
Which meant air drying my bike shorts
on the way to the event…
Hot Mess
Exhibit A:
And wearing them over
the rest of my clothes…
Hot Mess
Exhibit B:
Short iPhone video
taken before we got started
Tamara and Scott:
And a short video
taken after the race.
Tamara was standing still.
And upright.
And then she wasn’t.
Hot Mess
Exhibit C:

I hate hearing my voice.

Hope you guys had an awesome Labor Day Weekend!
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Do It All: Plan Your Week

In my Do It All series, I talk about the benefits of moving your body in as many ways as possible. Doing the same thing all the time (hobby-wise or workout-wise) will burn you out and bore you physically and mentally. I try to to plan my week with different workouts/activities to mix it up and make things fun. That way I don’t have to be bummed about spending the typical hour in a gym every night. On my list this week?
Mountain Biking tonight…
I’ve just started learning
and on my third lesson so far
but I’m pretty sure I look like this:

Tuesday afternoon:
Jazz dance class at my friends’ studio.
Jumping is my favorite.
(That last line spoken like Buddy The Elf)

Wednesday morning:
Trainer jam session with friend/colleague Chris Mohr
using TRX, Rip Trainer, and sandbells

Hot Yoga
so I can get my stretch on…

I wish this a photo of me…

It’ll be a good week with a good mix of fun stuff. My body’ll get something new each day and will be stronger for it. It’s rough sometimes to get it all in, but scheduling these things in my planner ensures that I do it, and don’t plan anything else in that time slot. It works for me and I’m happier for it. Happy Monday guys, make it a good week!

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