Healthy Living Blog Tour of Cleveland: Day 1

Fitness + Travel… this is essentially my life.

IMG_2274It took me about 12 attempts to get this hotel window selfie… I hope you appreciate it.

I travel frequently all over the country for work, and probably go to Ohio every other month. I’d only been to Cleveland once before, but hadn’t really experienced much of the city. I was really excited when Positively Cleveland, the city’s visitor bureau, invited me up for a Healthy Living Tour, hosted by Cleveland health blogger, Alicia H., of Poise in Parma. It’s awesome that Positively Cleveland has a website that not only lists museums, restaurants, and the usual city guide info, but also lists its upcoming running and cycling race schedule, trail maps and national park information. They’re not just trying to “entertain” you while you’re in town. They’re trying to introduce you to all the ways the city can keep you active and outdoors, two things that are truly my jam.

Traveling all over has it’s obvious advantages, but one of the hardest things about being on the road frequently is keeping up healthy habits. When you’re out of town and off your normal routine, workouts tend to get pushed to the back burner and finding restaurants that offer healthy options can be hard to come by if you aren’t familiar with the area. There’s so much listed, it actually seemed like a daunting task to narrow it down. I’m so grateful Alicia put together such a kickass weekend for the two of us. Here’s what went down:

When I pulled into town last Friday night, I checked into my room at Aloft Cleveland Downtown. I’ve spent my fair share of nights in hotels all over the world and the things I love most, simplicity, comfort, and productive design, were all included in this stay. I had an awesome bed, a great view while working at the desk (complete with all the outlets I needed for my various electronics), and a great group fitness schedule in the hotel’s gym. While my schedule was too packed to take advantage of any classes there, I love any hotel that provides their visitors with several options to keep consistent with their workouts! Taking advantage of group classes is a great way to get your workout in without having to think about what you’re going to do, wonder if you’re doing it correctly, or being tempted to stop too early.



After freshening up in my room, I headed about 15 minutes southeast of downtown to meet up with Alicia and take her Friday evening Vinyasa yoga class at Evolution Yoga. After the 5 hour drive, my body was ready to loosen up and it felt great to keep things mellow in mood, but challenging, physically. Alicia taught a great flow and the hour flew by. We even got to rock out some fun inversions. I suck at inversions, but I’m trying to hold a handstand for more than .5 seconds so any practice helps…


Next on the schedule was dinner, as we were both ravenous by this point in the evening. The restaurant was located in Eton Chagrin, a boutique shopping center not far away that includes Apple, The North Face, Anthropologie, and Lululemon. Danger! I was able to keep myself out of Anthro, but we did make a quick pit stop at lululemon, because some things just can’t be helped…


Alicia raved about the gloriousness that was Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar, and so that was our destination for the evening. After having a delicious guacamole appetizer with chips of tortilla, yucca, plantain, and malanga, I ordered the Blackened Fish Tacos with a cilantro adobo sauce that made me completely thankful for my sense of taste. Overall it was a fabulous meal to share with a new friend. It was wonderful to share such an amazing meal and chat up another blogger, dog-lover, and fitness instructor. We could have sat there for far longer, but had a busy day lined up for Saturday… so we clinked our margarita and mojito glasses in toast to a great weekend kickoff and called it a night.



IMG_0748Me, taking a photo of Alicia (and our drinks), taking a photo of me and our drinks. #shitbloggersdo

If you’d like to check out any other part of our tour, search the hashtag #ThisIsCLE and you’ll see our other posts from the weekend on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… if you didn’t already see us blowing up your feeds. Day 2 is coming soon!


{This post was sponsored by Positively Cleveland. All thoughts/opinions are my own!}

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Workout Blate: Babbling Brookelyn is in the ‘ville!

Blate = Blogger Date

securedownload 2

I love meeting other bloggers in person. It’s so fun to become friends with somebody, have so much in common with them, and then finally seal your friendship with a real encounter. You kind of get nervous, like you’re going on a blind date, but it’s awesome when you meet up and chat like you’ve been friends for years. I’ve met Ashley, Ashley C, Chelsea, Ahnika (who no longer blogs but totally should), and another Ashley and it’s always been fun.

When Brooke emailed me saying she was going to be in Louisville for a week, I was PUMPED. I’ve been reading her blog for about a year I guess and she’s hilarious. Her man-friend is from a town about 30 minutes from here so they’re in town visiting his family. She told me they wanted to come take my 6am TRX Bootcamp class. I was really excited, but also prepared myself for them not to actually show up. So many people say they’re going to take class while on vacation and rarely does it happen. I mean… I don’t wake up at 5am to go workout on vacay… But I showed up at 5:45am this morning and they beat me to the studio! Both her and her man-friend were there and ready to go.

Let me just tell you that they WORKED it this morning! Brad comes from a soccer background and Brooke played every sport under the sun. She also has just launched a career in fitness so we had lots to talk about there. I wished I’d grabbed a couple photos during class, but I was busy teaching and they were busy being beasts… so I didn’t. After class though we headed to Heine Brother’s (a Louisville coffee chain) to grab some joe and actually chat. We had an awesome morning and I can’t wait to get to do the same thing out in Portland where they live.

If you don’t follow Brooke already, you should. Her blog is my jam and so is she. And now that we’ve met in person, we’re Facebook friends too… which means we’re legit friends now. Blates are awesome.


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It’s a big news week: Post #2 – A Blate To Remember

A Blate to Remember…   
(and linking it to my 2nd Fave movie: An Affair to Remember*) 

Ahnika and I have been blog buds for a couple years now. (She’s not blogging at the moment. And  even though a bunch of us have peer pressured asked her nicely to come back, she’s just not feelin’ it at the moment.) But from the time I read her blog I knew she and I would be serious friends. We post, we banter through witty comments, we share a few emails and texts here and there. We just click.

There was a weekend a while back that she was visiting Bridget in Boston at the same time I was going to work in Boston. It was fate! So we made plans to meet up. It was going to be so exciting! Not quite as dramatic as the Empire State building on Valentine’s day or anything (we’re both taken, BTW) but drinks in town would be just as great!

But then she had a last minute family thing and couldn’t go… We were bummed. But at least it wasn’t because she was hit by a car and paralyzed or anything. #gladgame
So fast forward to a couple weeks ago… and me having to go to San Fran for work. And her now living outside of San Fran because of her husband’s work. We were brought back together! So we made lunch/drink plans. 
And this time, there were no hiccups!
Although it was no Empire State Bldg reunion,
we had a grand time at lunch at Sauce in the Financial District.
And I got Ahn to drink bourbon
 : )

Svea and Ahnika

Not my best.
I learned quickly that Svea puts anybody else in the frame to shame.
And I didn’t even mean to make that rhyme.

See? We were MFEO.

Switched movies there on ya with that last one.
BUT it still pertains to the above.
: )

And we’ve made the move to Facebook friends.
So it’s for real now.

*If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it before you think I’m a creepy stalker. 
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Visit to the ATL…

I had to go to Atlanta last last weekend for work… 
(more on that later) but while I was there, 
I managed to squeeze in a little blate time with Ashley!! 
It was so great to get to see her again, 
since our last blate was in December. 
We were able to have dinner one night
 and get all caught up, 
then I got to end my trip by attending a pool party 
with her and her ATL buds. 

Her buddy, Brandon making sure my camera worked… : ) 

It looks like this guy is flexing, 
but I just caught him mid-twist

Pools on hot days are my jam. 

and a high five to Atlanta for being hot, but not scorching… 
like most summers. 
The weather was perfect that day! 
Ashley’s photo!
And a quick tip for looking good in photos where you’re almost naked 
(besides having Ash’s sweet tan, working out, and not eating crap):
*Turn your hips to the side, 
*Turn your shoulders toward the front, 
*Stand up tall. 
; ) 
I’ll be heading back to the ATL in 3 weeks! 
See you soon, Ash. And you too, Chelsea
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Blates are the ish…

Blate: Blogger Date
Last weekend I had to go to work in the ATL where my buddy Ashley, from Run With Me, lives. YAY. We planned on going to dinner. Guess who was ALSO there?!
and Chelsea from Choose to be Happy
4 Bloggers
4 Brunettes
4 cinnamon whiskey shots (but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post)
it was a great evening!
Ashley was way cooler than me and posted about this evening in a POEM.
Some people are just better… check it.
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