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Since switching from Blogger to WordPress, I’m still trying to figure out this new operating system. There are so many little things that are different and I’m still trying to navigate it all. I’ve realized all my old playlist widgets are no longer showing up, nor are any of my videos (and having to re-do them one by one is super fun). I’m trying to figure all these things out and I’m learning a ton each week, but since my blog isn’t my full time gig, it’s a slow process.

If you a blog, or participate on social media of any kind, I think it’s safe to say you LOVE getting comments. I do too. When I launched my new site though, I asked my site designer, Taylor to add the Comment plugin, Disqus. I’d seen it used on a ton of other blogs before and thought it would be a cool addition. I liked the way it looked, how you could have a conversation thread, and you could “whitelist” people so their comments would automatically be added if you knew they were cool (and not psychos or spam monsters). I’ve since decided to get rid of it.

The first time I’d seen Disqus on another blog, I was put off by it asking for tons of information, including my password. It kept me for commenting for a long time, until I saw that it was being used more frequently. And I only saw that because I read lots of blogs. I feel like maybe a new reader may be less likely to comment if they have to jump through hoops to make it happen. It also made ALL my other comments from Blogger disappear, which was was initially heartbreaking. I unsuccessfully tried to bring all those comments over to Disqus and subsequently had all of them disappear. (This wasn’t Disqus’s fault, this was my own computer operator ignorance.) Thankfully, my site designer was able to remove Disqus for me, bring back all my old Blogger comments, PLUS still be able to view all the comments that have come since the new WordPress site launch. Taylor’s a genius. And I love her. This is not to knock Disqus – I’m sure it has a ton of options to control all of these things, and settings to put to my liking, it was just a bit much for me to comprehend, given my lack skill in the area.

I’m now making things simpler and just using the comment thread that already comes with this WordPress page. Do you guys have similar thoughts with trying to find different, unique, but user-friendly comment options for your blog pages? And if you’re not a blogger, do the more complicated comment plugins deter you from commenting on the blogs you like to read? Are there any downsides to just using the WordPress option?

These are things we bloggers have to worry about. Well… we don’t have to, but we do. If you have anything to ask/add to this, please let me know! I’m always looking for ways to make this space better. : )

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My JAM this week…

I was cruising blogs on Wednesday afternoon
 and came across Shireen’s blog, 

High five, Shireen! 
I love the blog world. For gems like this. 

Girlfriend is living in Korea and has access to awesomeness like this one. 
This is hands-down the BEST music video I’ve ever seen. 
For your viewing pleasure:
This is now my new jam for the following reasons. 
*the song is awesome. duh. 
*this guy dances like I do. (go big or go home)
*the elevator scene alone: priceless
*this is pure entertainment, i don’t care who you are. 
This song will now be in my head for the next three days…
as well as in the heads of all my class attendees. 
I’m heading up to Indy today to teach a TRX course.
Hope you all have great weekends! 
*High five*
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To Blog, or Not To Blog…

Should I blog every day?

Maybe, but I have a life to live. 
And so does everybody else. 
And nobody is sending me hate-mail because I’ve taken a few days off. 

The earth is still spinning…
 so I’m not going to stress over it. 
You shouldn’t either. 

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Happy Birthday, Blog!! 1 Year Old!

Guess who forgot it was her blog’s birthday… five days ago. Sorry, blog! To make it up to you, I’ll eat some fancy dessert tonight. Happy 1 year birthday, blog. You’re the bomb.

And thanks to all of you, dear blog friends, that read, follow, and comment. We heart you. Fo sho!

This past year has been cah-razy. Lots of changes. This blog started as something small and silly, and well… it still is. I’m glad I have the memories of the past year documented. I’m glad I have so many new friends throughout the world. I’m glad that I started this blog…

Cake photo via
Girl photo via
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My blog needs MY photos.

This post has NO photo today because I was in Beckley, West Virginia (teaching a TRX course) this weekend and it was absolutely GORGEOUS there, and I can’t find any photos online to do it justice.

*Sigh* It’s time that I break down and finally get a good camera so I can take my OWN photos without having to find some online or steal (with credit given) from others.
I’ve been wanting to get a good camera and start learning to shoot for some time now, especially since some of my good friends are insanely good photographers (i.e. Shelby, Ben, Jason, Troy). And since it seems every good, successful blog has beautiful photos. So now, I’ve got the urge to keep up with the the Joneses. Dangit.
So, Blogworld… who’s got good camera advice? I want something that’s NOT $10,000 and not so complicated to operate that I need a degree in photography to do so. If I can find something good soon, you will all be thanked by wonderful photos! And maybe some photos of exercises, and workout tips, and things such as this that I’ve been wanting to do since I started this blog (but haven’t done because it would have looked like POO with my old digital camera, that’s broken).
p.s. It’s THE LAST DAY to enter the FREE personal training GIVEAWAY! Winner’s drawn tomorrow morning! Leave a comment to enter!
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