Book Buzz: Dearie – The Remarkable Life of Julia Child

Guys, this book is SERIOUSLY good. I didn’t know much about Julia Child until I saw the movie, “Julie and Julia” a couple years ago, but it left me intrigued. I saw Dearie on Goodreads not long ago and ordered it for my Kindle. The great thing about this book is that it’s one that you don’t feel you have to dive into and read until completed. You can pick it up here and there and you feel good about picking up where you last left off, even if a couple weeks have passed. It’s one that makes you just want to get cozy and settle in for a fun story… and then start learning how to cook French cuisine. 
This book goes in massive detail of Julia’s life: her upbringing in Southern California, her time working for the CIA (before it was called the CIA), and her travels all over the world. The thing I loved the most  though was her apparent gumption and attitude: 
“NEVER apologize!” she says to those who have ruined a recipe. 
The love story between her and her husband is also one that will draw you in… 
…and what’s really amazing is that most of her life’s successes didn’t happen until much later in her life. 
Get it. Read it. You’ll love it. 
Side note:  I don’t usually pay attention to how big/long a book is, but when I was talking about it to one of my clients she immediately said, “That book looks like it’ll take a year to read. I’ll read it in retirement!” So then I had to look: 15,000 pages! Now in Kindle pages, that sounds way worse, but I’d never actually paid attention to how many pages each book had, I just looked at the percentage as I was reading. Well after reading this book for about two weeks (about 5 hours total of reading, probably) I looked down and was only %30 through it! Soooo just be prepared, it’s long, but worth every minute! The good thing was that the story was actually over at %65 (10,000 pages). The rest of the book was saved for Acknowledgements and bibliography. : ) 
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Book Buzz – The Husband’s Secret

I read about this book in a magazine while I was at the salon last month, then saw it as a best-seller on Amazon last week. I then saw a few peeps had read it on and finally thought, “OK. It’s gotta be something good.” I’ve been in a reading funk lately and can’t find anything really page-turning. (I re-read the Twilight books just because I knew I’d enjoy them… but that’s another story.) I loved this book! It was a good, fast read, that was part mystery/part drama, with some funny sarcastic lines in the mix and some twists & turns along the way. A smorgasbord, if you will… 

From Goodreads:

My Darling Cecilia
If you’re reading this, then I’ve died . . .

Imagine your husband wrote you a letter, to be opened after his death. Imagine, too, that the letter contains his deepest, darkest secret – something so terrible it would destroy not just the life you built together, but the lives of others too. Imagine, then, that you stumble across that letter while your husband is still very much alive . . .

it’s only $6 on Kindle —> SCORE. 
Have you read it? Whatdidja think?
Any other great books out there I need to know about?
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Book Buzz:

So Sara told me about ages ago. And I’ve just now joined but I can’t tell you how exciting it is! You go on, rate what you’ve read, tell what you’re currently reading and see what all your fellow reading-obsessed buds are reading. 
Whenever I get asked for book recommendations I usually can only remember the last book I read… maybe the last two, if it’s a good day. And when I ask for good books to read, people give me 87 suggestions and I often forget most of them. I’m so excited to have a place to check things out so I can put books on my amazon wish list. And it’s great that you can see what your friends like and don’t like, which will help me make decisions (i.e. I’ll steer clear of my friends whose lists are nothing but super depressing books). 
I was catching up on blogs tonight when Sara mentioned GoodReads again on her latest post, so I decided to check it out. I’ve now spent the last hour rating ones I’ve read and checking out all the books on her lists. I’ve also not gotten in the shower to go meet my buds out… and it looks like that’s not going to happen any time soon now that I’ve gotten excited over so many books. Damn it. I’m only 28 years old, but sometimes it feels like I’m 60-something. Oh well. I know Ashley feels me on that one. 
And a big happy 30th birthday to Bonna! 
We got to have her surprise party last night, which was really fun. 
Bonna, Amanda, Me, Chrissie
Ironically, we were joking last night about how old they all are (since I’m still a year away from 30).
As Bonna had to work early and wasn’t going to stay out too late. 
And Amanda was going to be doing yard-work all day and going to a bunco party tonight. 
I laughed at them. 
And now I’m blogging and reading on Saturday night because it’s entirely too much effort
to shower, get dressed, and meet them out for some music at a local bar. 
Who’s feelin’ old now? : ) 
Anyway… be my friend on GoodReads?! 
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Book Buzz: Triple Whammy

I’ve been reading up a storm lately – being sick and bed-ridden contributed. 
As well as my having to fly every week…
Here’s what I’ve devouring lately: 

#1: No Easy Day
by Mark Owen

This is the story of the SEAL team that took down Osama Bin Laden. This book is SOOO good. I literally read half of it in one day. I’ve always been an admirer of SEALs purely because their physical training is so intense and impressive. Getting a glimpse into what their skill/tactical training is like is even more interesting and highly entertaining. This book highlights not only the Bin Laden mission but several others that lead up to that moment. These guys are so badass and it makes me really jealous. There are times when I think I could pull some of this ish off as well… and then I go play laser tag for my friend’s birthday a few weeks ago and am hit in literally the first 2.5 seconds we’re in the game. And then every other second after that. And then I think, “I’d be dead if this were real combat. Most likely, the first one dead.” And that would be embarrassing. So I think I’ll stick with fitness and let the badasses carry out the serious missions. : )

This book is a great/fast read and I highly recommend it. 
Good for both sexes, so your bfs and huzzies will probably like it as well. Score.
Kindle for $12.99
#2: Confessions of a Public Speaker
by Scott Berkun

I LOVED this book. As a “work” book, I didn’t expect this one to be entertaining. At all. I knew it would help me along and maybe give me some new ideas that my friends and colleagues hadn’t told me yet… but I had no idea how much I would actually ENJOY it. Scott Berkun writes really well and in a way that feels like he’s actually speaking with you, not talking at you. Like all good speakers, he tells stories that relate to you and that’s where he hits his main points. A lot of this book was him identifying what you can do to prevent a lot of the disasters that can break you when you’re speaking in a public venue. Then he tells you what to do to fix them, because you’re most likely going to make them anyway. This book was highly entertaining – especially the section where he invited a bunch of his friends/colleagues to pen their own embarrassing speaking incidents – hilarious. If you’ve got to do any public speaking/presenting for your field, this book is a must read. High five, Scotty B. Thanks for teaching me a few things & not being boring about it. ; )

Kindle, $8! Holla

Sidenote – I’ll be presenting at my first big conference in March, 6 weeks from now. Let’s hope I can remember half of this ish and not wind up on some viral youtube video with a split in the ass of my pants or having just fallen off the fucking stage…  #fingerscrossed #preptime

#3: Adrift 
by Steven Callahan

I first heard about this story when I read this survival book a few months back. It was so intriguing but only told the highlights of his survival mentality. So I wanted to go straight to the source to find out all the details. It was really worth it. Steven Callahan was SO prepared for a million different scenarios before he took out on his own. His preparedness made the difference in life or death for himself and I found that so incredible. He had some paper and a pencil so he kept a little journal of his time out on the water. 
This book was a little slower to read as it’s obviously just him and the ocean for all of it. I also just needed some breaks to mentally chill out from everything that he had to endure over those few months. It’s absolutely amazing what you can endure when you have to. It definitely makes you think twice about all the stuff you “need” every day. And I thought twice about texting a friend for dinner the other night that I was “starving”… I instead wrote, “I’m REALLY  hungry. Wanna go grab some food?” 
On Kindle for $9
What are you guys reading right now? 
I’ve now read one “work” book. 
So that means I can read 6 “fun” books until I should read another work one… ; ) 
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Book Buzz: Past and Present

Since I did such a shite job with the Blogger Book Club I started (5 months ago), I’m just going to tell you what I’m reading when I’m reading it, and you guys can comment if you want. I just finished Pride and Prejudice last week:

It’s one of those books that you HAVE to read at some point in your life and everybody talks about how fabulous it is so I gave it a whirl… espesh since it was free when I bought my Kindle a couple months ago. And since I’ve always wanted to know what Meg Ryan’s character in You’ve Got Mail was going on and on about… and Jane Austen does use words like thither and felicity. It was all very exciting for me.
Bridget was also just talking about classic books the other day and asking why we don’t read them just for fun anymore… (Like without being in middle school and reading only the parts that had the answers to the worksheet questions your english teacher gave you. That’s not what I did or anything, but I’ve heard of people doing it.) This book was really enjoyable. Glad I got myself started!
~Moving on~
And I know I’m a year or more behind on every series of books there possibly is, (Twilight, Hunger Games, etc.) but because I want to see the movie so badly, I’ve gotta get my ass in gear when it comes to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo:
I actually downloaded this on my iPhone about a year ago and tried reading it then, but just COULD NOT GET INTO IT… and at the time, I was on a really long flight and it was killing my phone battery only 30 minutes in. Sooooo it got the boot. But the movies look amazing and I’ve been reading work books for a bit now and just want to read something entertaining that I can get sucked into easily.
Everybody keeps telling me that the beginning is slow,
but to just keep going.
So I guess I will.
Stieg Larsson, you get one more shot to lure me in, buddy.
Let’s hope it works.
What else is good out there, peeps? Send me your recommendations and maybe I’ll get around to reading them in 2013…
; )
Happy Monday
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I got a new toy!

So I bought a Kindle last night…
I’m so not a gadget person, but in preparation for my flight to Thailand (happening this weekend) I’m trying to find as many things to keep me occupied as possible… other than alcohol.
Flight #1: NYC to Tokyo – 14.5 hours
Flight #2: Tokyo to Bangkok – 7 hours
I’ve never sat for 14.5 hours straight. I’m not sure what the hell I’m going to do. (Other than pop some Tylenol PM and hope I pass the eff out for most of it.) Since I don’t really need an iPad, I settled for the Kindle. I like to read. It has 2 entire months of battery. I can buy books wirelessly. All good things, right? I should be good to go. I’ve already bought a few… this is going to be just like when I first got iTunes: BAD for my bank account.
Here’s what I have so far:
Pride and Prejudice ~ Jane Austen
Seriously… I’m Kidding ~ Ellen DeGeneres
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ~ Steig Larsson
Presentation Zen ~ Garr Reynolds
What? Shut up, I’m a presenter. I have to work on these things

Any votes for November’s book club book?
Since I’ve pretty much screwed October’s book.
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Book Club and Steve Jobs

As I type this blog post out on my Macbook, I’m thinking of all the ways this man that I’ve never met has made my life so much easier. Having iTunes and my iPod to select music, make playlists and transport my music from gym to gym. Having this awesome computer that has never once, in over 4 years, acted up. Having my iPhone with all these insane apps that makes it effortless to run my business and travel all over the world without a single worry of missing an email, getting lost in random city, missing my connecting flight info, or making a purchase, all with the touch of a screen in my hand. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to know and interact with Steve Jobs, but it must have been insane. I have the utmost respect for anybody that has a vision (no matter how crazy it may be) and MAKING IT A REALITY. He’s done this more than anybody I’m aware of in the past couple of decades. Kudos, Mr. Jobs.

Job well done.
Moving on:
Book Club, September book,
The Hunger Games!
If you would have told me that I was going to read a futuristic/sci-fi/government conspiracy GUY book and absolutely love it, I would have told you that were straight trippin’. But it’s true. I did.I actually read all three books in the trilogy. In two weeks. Who am I?
So, Blogger Book Club members: Who actually read it? Who read all three books? Who now can’t effing wait for the movies?! Although I’m thinking they’re going to be a bit violent and I’ll have to not watch some of those scenes… I’m so glad I heard about these books once all three were out. Same with Twilight. I would have hated ending one book, having those HUGE cliffhangers, then having to wait another year for the next one to be released. Too bad I’ll have to do that with the movies.
Pumped about the movie.
Not pumped that this kid is playing Peeta.
What?! I mean, I’m totally for this guy in the movie… maybe as a tribute? And he’s from Kentucky, so I support him even more for representing… I just don’t see him as Peeta. What do you think?
But YAY for Jennifer Lawrence.
I think she’s a great Katniss.
AND she’s from the ‘Ville as well.
There’s just something about those peeps from KY…
They’re just so cool.
; )
OK. Thoughts on the book.
And suggestions for October’s book.
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Blogger Book Club

Anyone up for joining my Blogger Book Club? I’ve been wanting to join one for ages, but I never can make the schedule. And we can all make the schedule here, right? I mean, I’m sure we’re all reading the same things anyway; The Help, Twilight, The Hunger Games, etc…
Besides, I need something new to read while I lay on my dock,
on that pond in my backyard,
in my black dress and red shoes,
lookin’ all fancy and hot and whimsical and stuff. ; )

I’m talking a FUN Book Club. Where we read light/funny/romantic/sarastic/inspirational chick books. No deep/depressing/dark/I was abandoned by my family/ I was kidnapped/I was kept in a dungeon and raped repeatedly-type books. (I swear, I’m so pissed that people raved about the Kite Runner. I hated that book. Different day, different post for that one… )

So what do you guys think? We pick a book, once a month (maybe on the 1st?) and then we discuss it on the last day? And when I say “discuss” I mean, I’ll post a photo of the book cover and we can all write our comments of love/adoration/disgust? (And if y’all are as into Google+ Hangouts like I am, we can have a group video chat about it?! You can have up to 10 peeps in one “Hangout”)
I’ll start. First Book of the Blogger Book Club:
The Hunger Games (Book 1)

(because I’m already reading it and I think everybody else has too)
It’ll be a good first book in this trial run.
And we’ll have it read by the time the movie comes out!
Thanks, Bridget for reminding us about the movie!
Who’s In?!
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