Body Power

So I saw this video on Facebook about two minutes ago, shared by my friends and TRX colleagues, Fraser Quelch and Hayley Hollander. It’s INSANE to know what your body has the power to do. Watch and enjoy. And remember to pick up your jaw when you’re done. Thanks.

When you’re working out, think about the MOVEMENT you want to do, not the muscle group you want to target. Multi-planar movement is what your body does. Train it every way possible.
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TRX Madness

So you can do ANY exercise with the TRX, but here are 5 that you might never think to do on it, but look CRAZY and really, really FUN. Think I’m gonna go for it today on my workout…

This is my buddy, Doug Balzarini (or Doug Balls, as I like to call him; ) ) He’s an amazing trainer that I know from San Diego. He’s also a fellow TRX Course Instructor. Check out his tweeting
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TRX Kettlebell Bootcamp!

Hey Louisville! Inner Strength is starting our new TRX – Kettlebell Bootcamp on July 27!

It’s a 4 week bootcamp that runs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00am at Waterfront Park. For more information and to sign up for the class, click here.
The 4 week session is $120. BUT if you have your own TRX you only pay $100. AND then you will always have a TRX for use on your own. To shop for your own TRX click here. The video below will give you a sneak peak of some of the exercises we’ll be doing in the class. Check it out!
And remember: You’ve got tonight and Monday to enter the Personal Training Give Away… get your comments/emails to me to enter. I’ll be drawing the winner of 3 sessions on Tuesday morning!

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So if you have trained with me at all (or just know me) you know that I love the TRX. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, watch this video. It sums everything up! And I have a cameo… well, me and Drew Brees. ; )

If you’d like a TRX of your own, please click on that yellow TRX banner on the left side of my page. It will take you to their site and they’ll know I sent you! (Forgive the video not fitting, figuring this stuff out…)

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