Travel Thoughts: Baaahston

  • “I’m shippin’ off to Boston, whooooooooah. Shippin’ off to Boston, to find my way!”
  • It’s like I’m in The Departed…
  • I really wish I could do a Boston accent.
  • Have I mentioned how much I hate toll booths?
  • Rental car peeps usually offer me toll pass thingys when I’m in a place with lots of toll booths, but I didn’t get offered one, so I’m guessing no tolls.
  • 30 seconds out of the airport: Toll Booth, $3.50. I have $4.00. Whew.
  • Pumped my buddy, Don that I worked with in San Diego is in Boston for work too! Dinner and drinks!
  • F. ‘nother toll booth. $1.25. We have no cash. I wrestle up the change from the bottom of my purse. 2 minutes, $1.25 in nickles and dimes. The peeps behind me are loving me now.
  • “can I get a receipt?” Damn straight I’m expensing this. These bitches add up.
  • Me to Don: “should we act like Bostonians tonight, accents and all?”
  • Don to me: “well since your KY accent is now thicker than ever… I’m gonna say no.”
  • Why are there no lane lines in this city?! are there two lanes? three? wtf?!
  • No big. we’re good. made it. fun night. back to the work part.
  • I really like teaching these TRX courses. My job rules.
  • Super fun group of trainers today, only one with a true Boston accent. Dang.
  • Trainer at the end of the day: “you’re the best!”
  • My reply: “no, you ahh!” hehehe
  • Trainers: certified. My job is done here.
  • Balls. I gotta re-fill the gas tank! (I parked a little too close to the curb).
  • I hate that you never know which side of the car your gas tank is on until you’ve already parked and gotten out.
  • F! While trying to squeeze my arse into the itty bitty space I left myself, I hit the left side of my head on the car door trying to get in.
  • Which caused me to pull away fast, subsequently hitting the right side of my head on the car itself. Ahhhsome.
  • Totally thought I’d be fine flying without my Xanax. Wrong. Mental note to call the doc on Monday for a re-fill.
  • Windy, scary flights: not ahhhsome.
  • Until next time, Beantown. You were wicked ahhsome.
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Whirlwind Weekend

This week has gone by slowly, which is very weird. But I’m glad. I head out to Boston in a couple hours, catch up with couple friends tonight, teach a TRX Certification tomorrow, fly home tomorrow night, then go rock climbing on Sunday. It’ll be great, but fast.
I hope you guys all have a lovely weekend… and you’re not too sleepy from watching the royal wedding this morning. (I was forced to decline my invitation, unfortunately… too many things to do this weekend. Damn commitments. Don’t worry, I sent a gift) Watch the 3 minute wedding recap here in case you missed it.
Kate was stunning, wasn’t she? Thoughts on her gown?
Happy weekend!
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Travel Thoughts – Boston

This weekend’s TRX work took me to Boston and Beverly, Massachusetts. I’ve never been to the MA, so I tried to get in as much as I could in my free day. Here’s what I thought about my weekend…

1. My flights are going really well. I’m getting better at flying. Maybe I’m not afraid anymore…
2. We’re going to die. (It was REALLY windy on my way into Boston. Not fun)
3. Boston is SOOO beautiful. The Freedom Trail is awesome! Way longer than I have time for though…
4. Boston Common: 1634?! I love old stuff.
5. Wow, it’s getting colder by the second.
6. Wish I could go back in time to the Revolution. Only for a day though… What? I like indoor plumbing and heating.
7. Where the F is Ben Franklin’s grave?
8. No drinks in the museum?! Where am I supposed to put my coffee that’s keeping my body at a surviving temperature? OK chug, chug, chug!
9. The good thing about traveling alone: You’re in charge of where you go, eat, and watch on the hotel t.v.! Room service and chick flicks, please.
10. The people at this TRX course have WAY BETTER accents than the peeps in NJ last weekend. NJ, you let me down.
11. I’m sure they felt the same way about my KY accent, which sneaks out from time to time, although I try to keep it under control most of the time.
12. I’m only 15 minutes from Salem?! Salem Witch Museum, here I come!
13. Just so everybody knows, Salem Witch Museum closes on 5pm on Sundays. I found this out at 5:30pm. “Oh well, I’ll just walk around.”
14. F, it’s cold out.
15. Room service it is!
16. It’s fun to sleep starfish-shaped, just because you can. (King sized bed, no husband to fight for space with)
17. Beverly is adorable, I would like a house here. I’ll take one on each street.
18. Thank goodness Boston wasn’t windy for my flight home. Louisville was. Bollucks.
19. Home for 2 weekends in a row! Thanksgiving, I’m ready for you.
20. Boston, I’m not finished with you yet. I’ll be back. Just you wait…
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See EVERYTHING in one day.

Boston, MA and Newark, NJ

When I teach the TRX certifications in different cities it’s a whirlwind. I fly in, go to sleep, teach the next day, then fly out that night. Yes, I get to go to a lot of cool cities, but a few hours here and there leaves me without a lot of time for seein’ the sights. BUT on my next two trips, I’m flying in a bit early so I have an ENTIRE day to see stuff. What do I SEE though?!

Today, I’m enlisting the help of you, readers. If you’ve ever been to/lived in Newark/Bayville, New Jersey, let me know what I could do there.
AND if you’ve ever been to/lived in Boston/Beverly Massachusetts, let me know what I HAVE to see here. There are obviously 1,001 things that I know of to do in Boston, but I’ve never been, and only have 1 day of roaming before I have to skirt out.
Now, I can totally go online and google everything that I need, but I want to hear some first-hand knowledge from you. Your job is to make my stay enjoyable and worthwhile (see how I just gave you a job? And you were trying to sit back, relax, and be entertained by reading blogs). So think of things to do and then tell them to me! Impress me with your worldly experiences! Go! I’ll be here waiting…
All joking aside, I’d appreciate it. Thanks buddies, in advance! ; )
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