Opening Day at Del Mar!

Where the surf meets the turf, 
down in old Del Mar
Take a plane, take a train, take a car. 
There’s a smile on every face 
and a winner in each race, 
where the surf meets turf at Del Mar! 
-Bing Crosby. 
The man could do no wrong, am I right?
Today is Opening Day at the Del Mar racetrack in San Diego and it’s a HUGE deal. (I mean, not bigger than the Kentucky Derby, but that’s ok.) I used to go every year that I lived there. My friend Brian, (who you’ll remember from here) and I used to board the double decker bus from his place in Solana Beach, ride over with our “beverages”, present our Diamond Club card and get into the races for a few bucks. I actually used to win money too… which I can’t quite say for this season at Churchill Downs. 
 “The Look Away”
With the horses, the people watching, the margaritas, and the winning tickets, 
it was the best way to spend a day. 
In San Diego, the racing circuit is only there for 8 weeks, 
so you’ve got to cram in as many trips as possible because it’s gone before you know it. 
And that’s what we did… 

I miss living in San Diego every now and then,
 but I REALLY miss it today. 
I’m bummed that my trip a week ago didn’t coincide 
with Opening Day. Oh well. 
So good luck, San Diego friends. 
I’ll be thinking of you! 

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