A Fun Thing To Do On A Wedding Reception Dancefloor

Whew! Back in the states now, but still on the way home. I’m sitting in O’Hare and uploading all my photos from the Lulu Summit and found these gems on my camera from Bonna’s wedding last month. I need to do a full post with the other photos, but here’s a little something to hold you over until then:

Bonna and Nate got married!
And while they were making the rounds saying hello to guests, 
we were breaking it down on the dancefloor. 
I went to take a photo of our crew, but the flash didn’t happen. 
So when I was “fixing” it, I apparently turned on the automatic timer…
and set it to take 10 photos once the timer went off. 
The photos we took were hilarious, so then, of course, we had to keep doing it. 

And the final one: 
You’re welcome. 
Happy Friday, guys! 
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The Tang

“Totally bored, mom.”
“Time for the park. THE CAR! I love the car!”
“OK, OK, who was here last.”
“I’m FREE!!!”
“Whew. Gotta catch my breath… Mom’s not hookin’ it up with enough cardio these days.”
“Me and mom… sorta. Don’t mind her hair. Sista’s got an active job.”
“OK I’m ready to go back home. Thanks, ma!”
New cameras rule.
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Look What I just Got…

Does anybody have one of these? I’ve been wanting a good camera for a while now and have been researching them for months trying to figure out which one would suit me best. While my original plan was to go with the Canon Rebel XS, or the Nikon D 3000, I decided to go with this Canon S95 instead… Why? Because my friend, Missy let me borrow her Nikon D70 for a few weeks months and I’ve found that I actually NEVER want to use it because it’s so big and bulky. I’m always scared to bring it with me to work or out and about because I might break it or somebody might spill something on it, etc. Soooo I thought I might get something with a lot of power, but not a lot of bulk. And this is what I came up with:

It has a lot of features (you know, the ones I have no idea how to use) but can fit in my pocket/purse/bag and I’m sure to take it with me and actually use it for your viewing pleasure.
In other news, I didn’t buy a memory card because I kept the one from my last camera (the one that broke, causing me to look for a new one). I’ve seen this memory card probably half a dozen times in this house. The day I buy a new camera… it’s nowhere to be found. Appropriate.
When I breakdown and buy a new one find it, I’ll start taking some rad photos/videos of new exercises for upcoming challenges. : ) Happy Tuesday, peeps!
images via
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Coffee Shop Photo Shoot

Got to hang out with my good friend, Ben yesterday. We went to the same performing arts high school and now he’s living and working up a storm in NYC. (Look for him in commercials and on Broadway ’cause the boy tears it up!) So while we were catching up at the local coffee shop and former high school hangout (for old time’s sake) we had a mini photo shoot trying to figure out this beast of a camera…

We did our best “look away while wearing our sunglasses indoors” looks for you guys… just to make it legit. : )
And special thanks to Lisi over at The Beauty File for my awesome Marc Jacobs glasses that I won in her Shopbop giveaway (and happy bday)! They make me look extra cool when doing indoor photo shoots and I’ve gotten tons of compliments on them!
OK peeps, why are these photos kinda blurry and what do I do to fix that? Thanks.
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How to…

It’s hard to take a photo of a camera. So I took one with my iPhone…
I’ll be learning to shoot on this guy this week. I’m trying to decide which camera to buy and one my friends/clients is letting me borrow hers (Thanks, Missy!) to help figure it out. This thing might be a little too much camera for me and my “skills”. We’ll see how it goes…

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My blog needs MY photos.

This post has NO photo today because I was in Beckley, West Virginia (teaching a TRX course) this weekend and it was absolutely GORGEOUS there, and I can’t find any photos online to do it justice.

*Sigh* It’s time that I break down and finally get a good camera so I can take my OWN photos without having to find some online or steal (with credit given) from others.
I’ve been wanting to get a good camera and start learning to shoot for some time now, especially since some of my good friends are insanely good photographers (i.e. Shelby, Ben, Jason, Troy). And since it seems every good, successful blog has beautiful photos. So now, I’ve got the urge to keep up with the the Joneses. Dangit.
So, Blogworld… who’s got good camera advice? I want something that’s NOT $10,000 and not so complicated to operate that I need a degree in photography to do so. If I can find something good soon, you will all be thanked by wonderful photos! And maybe some photos of exercises, and workout tips, and things such as this that I’ve been wanting to do since I started this blog (but haven’t done because it would have looked like POO with my old digital camera, that’s broken).
p.s. It’s THE LAST DAY to enter the FREE personal training GIVEAWAY! Winner’s drawn tomorrow morning! Leave a comment to enter!
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