One of those weeks…

So you know those weeks where you just don’t have anything to blog about? 
or you do… 
but don’t get around to it? 
It’s one of those weeks for me. 
PLUS, I leave for the ATL tomorrow
so I’ve got 2 bootcamps, 
several clients, 
and a shit ton of other work 
to cram into 3 days.
What does this mean? 
Very few posts from this girl. 
I do have
2 Random photos: 
Exhibit A: 
My very preggo client, Julie, 
who is getting cuter by the week 
(even though she’s miserably pregnant). 
Exhibit B: 
My trying to work from the couch
and getting sleepy company. 
Count the cats…
Sleeping cats all around you makes it hard to stay awake. 
Especially while working… 
: ) 
Happy Humpday!
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Life With Cats…

I’m a dog person. 
Fo Sho. 
That doesn’t mean I hate cats, I just prefer dogs. 
After living with 3 cats for the past 9 months, 
I’m STILL not used to them jumping on the table 
like ninjas,
and scaring the SHIT out of me. 
This is Cash.
He likes to help me work. 
And when I say “helps me work” 
I mean
“sticks his ass in my face and lays (lies?) on my computer keyboard while I’m typing”
 Even as I type this damn post he’s rolling around on the table in front of me. 
We’re gonna have to work on this, buddy…

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend!
 I’m involved in B Party debauchery in Nashville.
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Animal House

I’m off to Chicago this weekend (cheers!) so I’m going to leave you with adorable animal faces to ogle at while I’m gone… I adopted Tango a couple years ago and just moved in with my friend, Tamara. She has a dog as well. And 3 cats. It’s a good time here.

With that said, I present you with “Animals of the Heezy”
and you all know Tango : )
Have a great weekend! See you Monday!
There’s a Tango and Cash joke here somewhere… just don’t know where.
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