Upcoming Travel Destinations…

I have a lot of travel coming up. 
Mostly for work, but one trip for fun!
Where will I be?
Nashville, TN
Banff, Canada
Brooklyn, NY
Cleveland, OH
Washington D.C.
Chicago, IL
Will I be in your neck of the woods?
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A trip, and victory…

Sunrise from my hotel room in Chicago yesterday:

Sometimes when I travel I just want to chill the F out. So that’s what I did this weekend. I had to teach a TRX course in Chicago Sunday, so I just pulled into town Saturday, posted up in bed with room service, and read my book! 
And guess what? 
I FINALLY finished The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…
It only took me 6 months. 
Victory is mine. 

now I just have to read the next 2 in the series…
Hope you guys had a great weekend. 
Get after it this week! 
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Chi-town in February…

… is REALLY COLD. Like 18 degrees as the high, cold.
I had to teach a TRX course yesterday in Chicago, so I decided to make a weekend out of it, like I usually do when I get to go to fun cities. My friend Brian*, from San Diego decided to come visit the same weekend so we made a road trip from KY to IL and then did tourist-y things all weekend. Good times, for sure. : )
The drive north:
The snow that was really fun to drive in:
Taxi that had my nickname:
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our reflection in The Bean in Millennium Park:
freezing our asses off, but enjoying watching
the ice skaters fall:
enjoying the view from the cafe at the top
of the Hancock Observatory:
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Even though it was only 18 degrees out, (which is about 60 fewer degrees than I prefer) we had a blast! It’s rare that I actually get to experience the tourist side of a city so I’m glad we got to run around this weekend before I had to work and he had to jet back to SD. So long, Chicago!
actually, I’ll be back in two weeks… so… until then, Chicago!

*and just so everybody knows: yes, brian is hot. yes, we are great friends. no, we’re not dating. ’cause i know what you’re thinking. ’cause i’ve already been asked. a lot.
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Look who I ran into:

I’ve run into people I’ve known in NYC before… why not Chicago? J/K. We didn’t run into each other. But it would have been way cooler if we did. I tweeted, she emailed, I emailed back. She called. We planned it. Even though it was a last minute thing, it was still great to meet another blogger! I’m sure you know Ashley Nicole Catherine, but if you don’t, you want to. Trust.

It was so much fun to have a #blate, I think I’ll have another one.
In two weeks.
With another Ashley.
In the ATL.
#blate – blogger date. thx , Meg. Even though we missed you, I’ll still use your hashtags
*photo via Ashley’s camera and a random lady at Argo Tea
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Headed Out…

…to Chicago! Going to teach a group of trainers ALL about the TRX this weekend. As well as meet up with a couple of my favorite fellow dancers from the high school days (and meet a mini dancer-to-be). Can’t wait!

Are you going anywhere this weekend?

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